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Rotary blasthole drill rig Pit Viper

Rotary blasthole drill rigs

Explore the most comprehensive line of rotary blasthole drilling rigs in the industry. With a wide range of automation features to choose from you can find the perfect solution for your needs.

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Enhance quality and productivity with Epiroc's rotary and DTH blasthole drills


Produced out of Garland, Texas, and Nanjing, China, our machines are built in state-of-the-art production facilities and to the highest quality allowing fabrication to last through multiple repowers. Epiroc has a long history with designing and manufacturing main structures of rigs putting our rotary blast hole drills at the top of their class.


The blast hole range includes the Drill Master series, a proven market leader to this day, and the Pit Viper series, a premium range product that delivers highly efficient drilling with fully autonomous capabilities.


The Drill Master series, a product with a legacy so resilient that it has been part of the most master drillers training around the globe. The DM product has proven over the years to be a workhorse for customers all over the world, delivering productivity, reliability, and low operating costs year after year. Our value series drills a hole diameter ranging from 5 1/2 inches up to 9 7/8 inches, and a pulldown range from 30,000 lbs to 75,000 lbs.


The Pit Viper series delivers a hole diameter ranging from 6 inches to 16 inches, and a pulldown range from 60,000 lbs 125,000 lbs. The PV-230, PV-270, and the PV-310 offer single-pass and multi-pass options, building on the highest industry standard of performance and innovation.


The Pit Viper series, a superior mining industry staple, can be configured with our numerous options to provide the customer's specific needs. The industry-leading Pit Viper range delivers productivity and reliability on another level, ultimately contributing to the lowest total cost of ownership in the blast hole drilling industry in its class. 


With Epiroc's Rig Control System (RCS), the Pit Viper series can be configured with scalable Automation features such as AutoDrill and AutoLevel. It can be run with the operator off the drill as well with the optional BenchREMOTE package, enabling one operator to run one or multiple units. It provides the foundation to add new functionality and options later without a major rebuild of the machine. Autonomous drilling can be implemented with almost no human interaction with the drill.

Increased productivity

Our current generations of machines are designed for high productivity, quality drilling and a safe and comfortable working environment for the operators.


You can run your drills with an operator on board or off the drill, allowing one operator to run one or multiple units. You can even implement autonomous drilling with almost no human interaction with the drill.

Flexibility for the future

Our Rig Control System platforms are based on proven CAN-bus technology and provides a number of safety and interlock features, as well as a foundation to add new functionalities later without a major rebuild of the machine.

Our range of rotary and DTH blasthole drills