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Rotary drilling

Rotary drilling tools

High quality for high performance.

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Our offer

Our products are engineered and manufactured to the highest industry standards. Years of product testing and trials have resulted in a product offering that is simply unmatchable compared to everything else in the industry.

Our service

Whether it is a single item you require, or a complete drill string solution, we are proud to be there for your needs and requirements.

Our solution

We offer a complete solution of rotary tools for todays productivity demands.

Top-of-the-line tools and equipment

With our guaranteed performance, we stand behind all our products to offer the latest innovative solution when it comes to rotary drilling equipment. Although we offer a comprehensive selection of bits with our superior drill string, we understand most applications are unique. We support every customer with targeted objectives to lower their Total Drilling Cost by offering “mine specific” solutions if needed. This allows our global customer service teams to better support the end users through proactive projects and performance feedback.


Our Epsilon premium product line promises the highest performance, reliability and availability. This effectively results in a lower drilling cost. The Omega sealed bearing product line, takes the guess work out of drilling. Omega bits are designed to increase bit life even further where the application presents restrictions to drilling. To further boost penetration rates, we offer PARD (Percussion Assisted Rotary Drilling); the latest science of drilling when time is of the essence. With our Teamalloy drill string, customers truly understand value. This product line speaks for itself.


With Epsilon, Omega, PARD, and Teamalloy, we offer a total solution for any application. We back our products with decades of experience and support. We want to be your first choice for drilling consumables.


Ask us about rotary drilling tools, we have the expertise.

V-LOK clamp system

We are excited to introduce a revolutionary new product from Epiroc – the V-LOK™ clamp system. 


V-LOK™ eliminates welding, grinding and the need for a hot permit. No more endless hours waiting for a welder with a permit, no more damage to shock sub housings or top subs from removing weld tabs.  Just use V-LOK™. 


Rotary bits

In today’s competitive environment, miners are demanding improved processes and equipment to add value to their mining operations. To increase efficiency and lower drilling costs, blasthole rigs are expected to deliver more and more energy to the drill bit. As a result, drill bits must be carefully designed and manufactured to not compromise the productivity and efficiency of increasingly complex and expensive drilling systems. Bits have become an even more critical and vital component in this process.


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Rotary pipe products

Our rotary pipe products are engineered with one thing in mind: Value. We take great pride in knowing that our products will outperform our competition in any blasthole mining application. With years of experience behind us, combined with the latest manufacturing technology available, we deliver purpose suited products that will deliver results for your application. 

PARD system – a boost for rotary drilling

Percussive Assisted Rotary Drilling – PARD

Simply defined, PARD is the next viable choice to drilling faster and more efficiently. Other benefits include straighter drill holes, easier hole collaring and increased productivity. This is achieved through increased penetration rates which lower the total cost of drilling (TCD).


Adapted to standard blasthole drill rigs

The system can be adapted to standard blasthole drill rigs and drill strings. The result? A combination of percussive power and rotational force that increases ROP significantly.


Easy to install and operate

Installing our PARD system is easily adaptable and reversable to existing drilling operations. The simple installation means adding an oiler and a starter drill pipe. Once the correct starter drill pipe, hammer and bit are in place, it's a matter of simply adjusting the airflow to set the frequency and you are ready to drill. It was also discovered that the PARD system makes collaring easier and drilling more stable!


The PARD hammer has been developed to increase rotary drilling productivity. This low impact hammer has a special short stroke lightweight piston. 


A synergy combination is formed between the tuned hammer and the rotary forces which results in the PARD system creating a higher level of energy than a DTH hammer or rotary power alone. And that means a lot more holes per shift.


PARD tricone bits are designed to retain the same service life as standard tricone bits while increasing ROP. This has been achieved by redesigning the PARD tricone bits to withstand additional stresses and strains. All this adds up to greater productivity and lower cost per foot drilled.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Over the years we have set the standard on many Horizontal Directional Drilling projects involving hard rock and difficult conditions. You can rely on our technical expertise – any time – anywhere. Our products are the result of decades of drilling research and development and are manufactured in our world class manufacturing facility.


We have a broad range of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) equipment that are specifically designed and matched for any type of drilling condition. The product’s versatility match the drilling needs to optimize the customer's productivity. We know the drill when it comes to horizontal directional drilling tools for your HDD drilling. Our directional drill bits comes with a large selection of cutting structures.


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