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Powerbit Underground - Packed with power

Epiroc is unleashing a new power in the underground drilling industry – a drill bit designed to match the capacity of the latest technology in drill rigs. The new Powerbit for underground drilling offers a higher penetration rate, longer service life and more drill meters per day. It will boost the productivity of both new and older rigs – allowing customers to capitalize more on their rig investment.
PUG bits
Powerbit Underground has by far outperformed all standard bits during substantial testing carried out around the world, resulting in remarkable productivity improvement.

“The new bit averaged 37 percent more drill meters before being discarded, peaking at a whopping 82 percent in one test round! No doubt, we’re setting a new productivity standard for underground mining,” says Johan Thenór, Product Line Manager for Tophammer products at Epiroc.

The tests show a higher penetration rate and longer intervals between regrinds, so miners will benefit from a more trouble-free, uninterrupted drilling.

“At the end of the day, it’s about getting maximum capacity from your drill rig, and we are sure customers will be happy to see what Powerbit Underground can deliver,” Johan Thenór continues.

Powerbit Underground is a firm response to market demand for a bit that matches the high drilling speeds enabled by ever-stronger rigs and rock drills. With that said, it will prove just as game-changing for customers using older rigs with lower water pressure, if not more.

Every miner can look forward to a bit with a higher penetration rate and longer service life. This will improve their productivity and reduce their cost per meter drilled.

The excellent productivity is partly explained by the bit’s optimized flushing capacity:

"The hole configuration maximizes flushing efficiency, which is key to the high penetration rate"

Robert Arnoldsson ,Senior Product Specialist, Tophammer products at Epiroc
More innovative features combine to give the bit the leading position in underground drilling today:

“We used our hardest steel ever and we configured the bit’s face in such a way that it removes cuttings faster than ever before. Therefore, drillers can make the most out of their rigs and achieve a whole new penetration capability,” Robert Arnoldsson continues.

Customers will also be making their acquaintance with Trubbnos, Epiroc's new and innovative trapezoid-shaped buttons, which increase penetration rate and service life compared to conventional, semi-ballistic buttons.

“Since the bit’s performance is crucial to the rig’s ability to penetrate rock fast, customers can look forward to a new product that will greatly improve drilling efficiency,” concludes Johan Thenór.

The first launch of Powerbit Underground is the 45 mm dimension, followed by 48 mm and 51 mm and then gradually several more dimensions.

For further information please contact:
Johan Thenór, Product Line Manager, Tophammer and Handheld equipment
Phone: +46 (0)70 205 11 12, e-mail:

Karin Cox, Global Communication and Brand Manager
Phone: +46 (0)72 084 24 85, e-mail:

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