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Powerbit Underground

The drill bit for miners who want to push it to the limit. Drill more meters every day and between regrinds, while enjoying longer bit service life. It´s simply a drill bit for miners who won´t settle for anything but the fastest, most productive underground drilling imaginable. Is Powerbit Underground for you too?

Rocketing rig ROI

Powerbit Underground is more than a new drill bit. It´s a way to boost the return on your rig investment - through increased drilling efficiency and reliability.

Boosts modern rigs...

Even the most powerful rig won’t do all the work by itself. You need a drill bit that matches the rig’s performance, withstanding the immense forces to give you more drill meters per day. Only then will you experience true drilling productivity.


...and older rigs too

Powerbit Underground gives older rigs a power boost too. It has more flushing holes and a smarter hole configuration than previous generations of bits. It will therefore increase the efficiency of rigs with lower water pressure and less effective flushing.


Faster, more reliable drilling

Powerbit Underground drills up to 15 percent faster than previous Epiroc models, reducing the total cost of ownership considerably.


Even so, the true gain comes from what Powerbit Underground will do to your availability and productivity. How about 20 percent more drill meters before the first regrind and 15 percent more drill meters between regrinds?


With this innovative bit, you will experience a whole new “flow” at work. Enjoying the satisfaction of trouble-free, uninterrupted drilling that spells more money in your pocket. All thanks to the bit’s extreme ruggedness.


Full utilization of your rig

Drill rigs get most of the attention in mining – and perhaps rightly so. After all, they do provide the necessary brute force. But smart miners also realize how to best make use of their rig’s full capacity.


Powerbit Underground allows you to complete more drill meters per day. Experience faster and more reliable drilling. Improve efficiency. Capitalize fully on your rig investment. All thanks to Powerbit Underground.

All is new!

PUG front view
Powerbit Underground may look like just another drill bit. It’s not. Everything about it is new. The steel it’s made of. The shape and design of its buttons. Its hole configuration. One factor just as important for your drilling efficiency as the other. Add all these benefits together, and you have the perfect recipe for successful drilling.
PUG steel

The steel

We put our metallurgists to work with a simple request – invent the most durable steel we’ve ever used in a drill bit (and our history dates back to 1873...) They came up with 15 percent higher wear resistance and 10 percent higher fatigue strength.


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PUG face

The face

We put a lot of engineering into optimizing the bit’s face, since it is key to a high penetration rate. The buttons have optimized size and placement.


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PUG flushing

The flushing

More flushing holes and a smarter hole configuration to maximize flushing efficiency and we paid special attention to make sure cuttings are removed as fast as possible.


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PUG button

The buttons

The durability of the buttons is crucial to high drilling productivity. The premium patented treatment, used on our spherical and Trubbnos buttons, makes them tougher and more wear resistant. For you, that means more drill meters between regrinds.


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PUG trubbnos.jpg


The drillbit can be delivered with both spherical buttons and Trubbnos. Trubbnos is our new and innovative trapezoid-shaped buttons, which offer longer service life and improved penetration rate than semi-ballistic buttons. (Trubbnos, by the way, is Swedish for flat nose, an indication of the geometry of the new buttons.)


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Unbeatable drill string

Every part of the drill string must perform optimally. That’s why we pay equal attention to shank adapters, drill rods, couplings and drill bits. For you, it means that you can get a complete, unbeatable drill string from a single supplier – Epiroc.

The best shank adapters and drill rods 

Shank adapters and drill rods from Epiroc have long been the equipment of choice for drillers looking for high quality and long service life. We put all our 100 years of rock drilling experience and know-how into making the best adapters and rods. A proven and tested combination of material choice, heat treatment and the unique T-WiZ threads gives you high uptime and effective drilling.

For any rock conditions

With Powerbit Underground, we can now add even more to the performance of your drill string. As tests show, these new bits work outstandingly well in any rock formation and outperform previous generations of bits. For greatly increased service life – use Powerbit Underground.

An unbeatable drill string...

No detail has been overlooked when creating the perfect drill string. Our shank adapters, drill rods and powerful bits are tough and wear resistant. And the pieces work perfectly together. For an unbeatable drill string, you need to look no further than Epiroc.

…key to tomorrow’s automated drilling

A reliable drill string is key to automated rock drilling. As a leading rock drill and rig provider, Epiroc not only offers complete drill strings, but total rock drilling technology solutions. In us, drillers find the only true one-stop shop for tomorrow’s fully automated, seamlessly integrated underground drilling solutions.