Product description 

The SmartROC D50 possess both intelligence and power. It excels in production drilling and auxiliary applications such as toe-hole drilling. This smart, rugged machine features automatic rod handling, a unique aluminium feed and an intellgient control system.
The rig is controlled via an advanced rig control system displayed on a touch-screen inside the comfortable, air-conditioned FOPS and ROPS-certified cabin. The screen presents everything from drilling parameters to real-time Measure While Drilling data (MWD). The rig control system also features self-diagnostic functions to help track down issues quickly and keep unplanned downtime to a minimum. This rig is ready to significantly raise quality across your whole operation.
Technical data

Main application area

Mining ; Quarrying

Drilling method


Hole diameter

90 mm - 130 mm

Product family




Rock drill/ DTH hammer size

COP 44 Gold ; QLX 35

Rotary head

DHR6 H 45 ; DHR6 H 56

Maximum hole depth

45 m


287 kW

Air capacity (FAD)

295 l/s


Product variations apply. See brochure for more information.
Transport dimensions