Simba S7 Trick Shot - Experience Game Changing Precision

We knew we needed an extraordinary challenge to prove the precision and maneuverability of the new Simba S7. Artistic pool, one of the most acclaimed precision sports in the world, seemed tricky enough. If the Simba S7 could perform an elaborate trick shot, imagine what else it could do. We brought a pool table and the billiards expert Niclas Bergendorff 140 feet underground to meet the new Simba and the Epiroc engineers.

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Increased drill performance

Simba S7 is built on a modern design sharing many components in common with the successful Boomer S1 face drilling rig. Simba S7 is a long-hole drilling rig for small to medium sized drifts in the 51 to 89 mm hole range. The rig is capable of ring drilling with parallel holes upward and downward with up to 5,9 m spacing. Equipped with a high-performance tophammer rock drill and boom-mounted drilling unit Simba S7 offers a sustainable high-precision solution for long-hole drilling. Increased automation lets you add the functionality you need to this versatile rig.


  • Simba S7 technical specification