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Atlas Copco releases Pit Viper 311 to blasthole mining market

March 1, 2014

Garland, Texas – Atlas Copco continues to innovate with the release of the Pit Viper 311 large range rotary blasthole drill, further strengthening our Atlas Copco Pit Viper blasthole drill product line. The PV-311 has the capability to chew through drill patterns by drilling 9-12.25 inch (228-311 mm) holes with a clean hole single pass depth of 65 feet (19.8m).
First introduced at MINExpo 2012, the Pit Viper 311 incorporates everything you love about the Pit Viper product line, but also includes new and innovative designs to continually lower the cost of drilling. Designed to meet the demands of today’s expanding, global mining market with the proven systems, components and technology of the Pit Viper series, the PV-311 is a welcomed addition to the large-range rotary blasthole drill market.

Carried across is our proven Rig Control System (RCS) giving the PV-311 a strong technology foundation to bring serviceability and drilling accuracy to the front lines of the mining process.

Productivity is heightened through improved tramming, feed, and retract speeds, in addition to decreasing the time to perform non-drilling added functions of the machine, such as setting up.

Atlas Copco has reduced the amount of downtime for preventive maintenance by up to 50% with the introduction of the remote filter rack and ground level service interface where all fluids can be filled or drained, and provisions for live sampling.

Completing the PV-311 package is a world-class cabin with improved operator visibility and comfort, in addition to raising the bar when it comes to making safety integral to all of our designs.
Drive train options with both Tier 4 and Tier 2 diesel engine alternatives are offered with the Pit Viper 311. The tower is structurally similar to the Pit Viper 351, but is deeper to accommodate larger sheaves for either single-pass or multi-pass applications, which means longer cable life. Atlas Copco incorporated full tower access with a ladder, harness, safety lines and tower infill, including a ladder that provides access to decking in the tower above the rod changer when the tower is horizontal.

Atlas Copco offers a number of options for the Pit Viper 311, including a patent-pending automatic hydraulic clutch designed to decrease fuel consumption during non-drilling operations. In addition to standard safety and interlock features, the unit’s Rig Control System supports auto-level, auto-drilling, GPS hole navigation, wireless remote tramming, and more.

A multi-pass version of the Pit Viper 311 known as the Pit Viper 316 will be released later in 2014. The Pit Viper 316 will drill to a depth of 295 feet (90 meters) using a five-rod carousel with 50-foot drill pipe.
For further information please contact:
Maureen Bohac,
Product Manager Large Blasthole Drills
Atlas Copco Drilling Solutions LLC
Telephone: +1 (972) 496-7271

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