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Drill tracker on My Epiroc in mobile app in underground mine.

Improved quality of the drilling process

through increased transparency and improved data reliability

Higher accuracy in planning

thanks to a near real-time overview of the drilling progress from a remote location

Improved working conditions

for your drillers by letting them modify drill plans on the fly and keep colleagues in other shifts informed of changes

Improve drill projects execution and follow up

Drill Tracker is a digital solution for logging the actual drill depths. The operators log the outcome directly in their app and make it possible for others to follow the progress in real-time.


Drill Tracker empowers operators with digital drill plan sheets in the palm of their hands. Having Drill Tracker in front of them they easily track the progress of drill plan execution while providing real-time updates to the production planner on project progress.


Some shifts might be drilled from the cabin, and some from an operator station off-site, in the same stope, and both operators need to fill in the same log. With Drill Tracker, this is easily done in a mobile app, or a desktop interface and the information is saved and made available to whoever needs it.

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Drill Tracker - The first customer

Listen to Boliden in Garpenberg, Sweden - the first customer using Drill Tracker in My Epiroc. And hear about the improvements they see in their drilling process, working with this new application instead of pen and paper.