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Epiroc SB breakers: minimize service, minimize total cost of ownership

SB breakers have been designed to be the most reliable on the market. And even when they need attention, they are easy to service. For example, the double tool retainer bars minimize stress and wear on the working tools. It´s easy to change the working tools thanks to the patented retainer bar lock system and replacing the floating working tool bushing can be done by the operator on-site with standard hand tools. The length of the bushing also provides excellent guidance for the working tool, which means less wear.


Start-Up Kit

Epiroc’s Start-Up Kit will help you maximize productivity from the day you acquire your new hydraulic breaker. Everything you need to keep your breaker running smoothly, both now and in the future, is included in the kit:

  • One additional working tool, selected for optimal production, depending on your application 

  • One box of Chisel Paste cartridges 

  • One floating wear bush 

  • Retainer bars/pins, with the corresponding locking parts for your breaker model 

The Start-Up Kits are available for all current models of Epiroc light breakers: SB, SBU, ES ranges, and the EC range up to the 80T. All the kits contain a floating wear bush, which means it can be quickly replaced on-site with basic tools. Because of this, there is no need to interrupt your activities to visit the repair workshop, ensuring maximum productivity and minimum downtime.

Predictive Maintenance Kits

Hydraulic breakers include parts that are subject to wear during operation. Wear depends on a lot of variables, such as the application of the breaker, the material that is being broken up, and the set-up of the carrier. A worn part not only affects the performance of your breaker, but can also trigger major breakdowns. Because of this, Epiroc recommends that breakers are inspected regularly, and that maintenance schedules and wear limits are taken into careful consideration. Predictive Maintenance Kits are sets of those wear parts that are most commonly used in the service and repair operations, according to the maintenance schedules of your breaker.

Repair Kits

When things go wrong, it might be because parts have broken or failed. For this reason, Epiroc created Repair & Overhaul Kits, which make it easier to identify parts and minimize downtime.
Dust Protector kit

DustProtector kit

Accumulator repair kit

Accumulator repair kit for MB and HB

Noise protection kit

Noise protection kit

Expansion bolts kit

Expansion bolt kit