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Drum cutter picks with picks box

Consumables for excavator attachment tools

Our consumables and wear parts are the right choice when maximum output and low lifecycle cost are in focus of your daily work.

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Reduce your operating cost

The availability of bits per model means customers can always have the best performing bit, depending on the material to cut.

Increased productivity

Only genuine parts fi t exactly to the stresses that an Epiroc product is exposed to in its daily work. And only original parts enable the owner to minimize downtime and to protect the investment. Only a working attachment tool can contribute to productivity of your company. Let it work!

Low lifecycle cost

Two thirds of the total cost of a hydraulic breaker is operating cost. The purchase price of a breaker causes only one third of the total lifecycle cost. Why not focusing on the more costly part when it comes to a purchase decision?

Make the right choice of consumables, wear parts and spare parts for your machine

All our Customer Centers and their network of business partners off er a wide range of wear parts and consumables. The staff is trained to support with advice and technical assistance to get the right parts for every application.

A smaller breaker on a smaller carrier with a clever maintenance concept and – of course – reliable and robust consumables: that´s the recipe for your success.


Get the best out of your machine:


  • low lifecycle cost
  • less downtime
  • increased productivity
  • the right tool for every application