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Planning support

Easy shift planning using templates.

Handle by exception and compliance to plan

Real-time visualization of status on work tasks, equipment and workplaces.

Shift reports and analytics

When the shift is finished all data is already captured and the shift reports are ready to be printed out.

Bring full transparency of the compliance to your daily plan

Mobilaris Shift Support is a software package of products and features that gives the customer full control over the daily operation. By integrating the planning data with products such as Mobilaris Situational Awareness, Mobilaris PocketMine and Mobilaris Event Automation the data can be easily accessible for all user roles in the mine operation. Make your mine fully transparent by sharing knowledge with everyone!

Mobilaris Operator Client - the frontend

Mobilaris Operator Client is the mobile frontend for planning and scheduling services. Stop using pen and paper to report the progress of your work. Stop using the radio to report the progress in real-time. With Mobilaris Onboard you get one digital tool with the ability to run pre-start checklist procedures, execution of work tasks, write notes and report machine breakdowns and mining delays.


Mobilaris Operator Client is the mobile frontend for planning and scheduling services.  The application is running on an Android tablet and is the preferred interface for machine operators, mechanical workers, technicians, and shift managers.  


From the app the workers get the work orders dispatched. Depending on the filter settings the worker can view tasks associated with the individual, the equipment, or the equipment type. The worker can also start unplanned/ad-hoc activities and report mining delays and machine breakdowns. The workers can share information with each other by using the notes function.