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Energy drilling rigs improve your productivity.

Energy drilling rigs

Epiroc drilling rigs are engineered for high mobility and fast set up. Our proven technology and innovation will improve your drilling productivity and performance, while enhancing safety and profitability.

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Epiroc's new generation of energy drill rigs


For over 140 years, we have challenged conventional rig design while striving to provide you with the highest quality drilling rigs, ensuring your personal safety and maximizing operational efficiency. The energy segment of Epiroc develops, manufactures and sells land rigs as well as components that are focused on streamlining complexities of daily drilling operations through hands-free operation and automation. Our land rig portfolio includes multiple industry-leading equipment innovations including tip-out hydraulic top drives, crownless hydraulic hoist mast designs, and crane-less rig up.

Historically, we have relied heavily on customer insight throughout the lifetime of our products to maintain the highest standard of quality for our customers. We have continued to leverage those learnings to produce rugged rigs with the versatility and reliability that provide superior performance in even the most difficult and unpredictable drilling conditions.  As a result, we have sold over 300 drilling rigs into the geothermal and oil and gas drilling industry across the globe. Affording global contractors, as well as independent business owners the opportunity to execute wells with minimum rig-up time, fewer crew members, and reach TD faster with minimal capital investment — making every drilling rig a profitable drilling rig.

Today’s evolving rig fleet and drilling activity has focused our efforts on providing dramatic improvements to rig mobility and environmental impact while delivering uncompromised rig performance and crew safety. Epiroc offers products in multiple carrier driven configurations, as well as pad-ready walking rigs for maximum mobility when operating in complex drilling locations around the world. Each of our rig technologies has undergone significant changes when compared to conventional designs in order to meet industry objectives to develop land rigs with smaller footprints, enhanced power, and competitive costs. As a result, we have streamlined all of our drilling rigs to be capable of being rigged down in under 12 hours with load counts ranging from single load carrier units to walking drilling rigs in as little as seven loads — allowing more wells to be drilled in more places.

Safety driven control

Our designs focus on improved safety by interfacing CAN BUS control technology with every rig in our portfolio to allow the operator to work more efficiently in an environment that affords unprecedented control over all drilling functions.

Optimized system mobility

Offering world-class precision, power, and design, our land rig portfolio offers carrier, mobile, and skid-mounted systems that are focused on optimizing drilling operations in the most remote and unpredictable locations. Reducing rig flat-time and increasing productivity.

Enhanced platform configurability

Our rigs are designed with versatility and reliability in mind. We continuously evaluate, develop, and integrate new technologies into our rig configurations, so you can quickly overcome challenges that arise during daily drilling operations.