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Product description

You want to drill straight even when pushing your rig to the limit, right? We made ET51 so strong you can trust drilling to be straight even when using all your rig’s awesome force. You can also keep pushing for longer intervals due to the tubes’ superior longevity – which also adds to security with fewer shifts needed.


Hole deviation reduces profitability in production mining. We developed ET51 to help you go straight for the ore with high precision and accuracy, This new tube-drilling system greatly outperforms traditional speed-rod systems when it comes to drilling straight. You’ll notice it clearly from improved blasting, higher ore recovery, less dilution and increased productivity.


Vastly improved performance and simplicity


ET51 replaces Epiroc’s previous T51 tube drilling system. Unlike its predecessor, ET51 comes with only one tube type, which simplifies procurement and management. And then there are the performance improvements, of course!

Quick facts


Straighter drilling

ET51’s extremely straight drilling capability is the result of a novel tube design, a stiffer drill string due to shoulder drive and a new coupling geometry, and greatly improved bending endurance – resulting in up to twice the strength of our previous model.

Deeper drilling

Lighter tube ends, which also have an improved geometry, allow more energy to be transferred into the rock. The advantage increases with each tube in the drill string, reducing the ROP loss per tube – adding up to considerably deeper holes.

Longer service life

Besides improving straightness, shoulder drive reduces tube wear. And with the new optimized coupling geometry, including patented threads, you get less mechanical wear. Also contributing to less wear and a longer service life is the optimized heat treatment.