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Man holding Powerbit Underground

Tophammer drilling tools

We have one of the largest ranges of tophammer drill strings and related equipment of any supplier in the world.

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A complete solution

We offer the complete solution including shank adapters, drill rods, drill bits, accessories and added value services.

Sustainable productivity

We continuously develop new, unique and energy efficient, products with the lowest cost of ownership.

Just about anywhere

We offer you tophammer equipment for every application, such as underground mining and tunneling, surface mining and quarries, and road and construction.

Underground applications

More and straighter holes in a multitude of underground applications. Thanks to our unique patented conical systems, Magnum SR and TC, rods and bits are easier to couple and uncouple. This gives you less downtime, straighter holes and greater productivity.

Bolting – safety

It is important to remember that rock reinforcement is not just a matter of selecting the right rock bolts, shotcrete or other reinforcement tools to match the behavioral characteristics of the rock mass. These days, it is generally recognized that rock-support thinking is integrated in every stage of the working cycle, which starts from drilling and blasting. Over the past decade high-productivity and high-precision are customer demands. We have come up with a solution that replaces the conventional R25 and R28 equipment with Magnum SR28 and Magnum SR32. 

Drifting – speed

To uphold modern standards of safety, speed and accuracy, quality must be upheld at every step in the blasting process and there is little margin for error. A well charged drill hole is defined by an approach where all the aspects relevant to rock conditions and the task at hand have been carefully considered. This starts with the basic drilling parameters such as location, straightness and length of holes. These factors are crucial in the drilling phase and will have a large impact on the blasting operation as a whole. Magnum SR35 was made for blasthole drilling with hex 35mm standard drifter rods or Speedrods. Round 39mm standard drifter rods and Speedrods are available from 3.1–6.4m in length and 43–64mm in bit diameter.

Production drilling – straight holes

The importance of straight holes cannot be overstated. If deviation occurs, a number of problems may arise, including uneven fragmentation, increased vibrations and increased dilution of waste rock/fill material or ore loss. Apart from precision drilling, it is important that the charges are carefully dimensioned to the holes.

Powerbit Underground

It´s here! Powerbit Underground. The drill bit for miners who want to push it to the limit. Drill more meters every day and between regrinds, while enjoying longer bit service life. It´s simply a drill bit for miners who won´t settle for anything but the fastest, most productive underground drilling imaginable. Is Powerbit Underground for you too? 


Read more about Powerbit Underground.


Surface applications

We have a strong application knowledge and the ambition to offer the best solution for the customer's specific application. Service and maintenance performed by skilled technicians is an integral part of the offer.

Bench and production drilling - straight holes

To meet today’s high standards for safety and effectiveness, the straightness and the quality of the blasthole are the key to success. To receive the best overall blasting result, each hole needs to be drilled in the right spot, drilled in the right direction and to the planned depth. Also consider the impact tough geological conditions can mean. Secoroc T-WiZ is designed and adapted to meet these requirements. The T-WiZ thread system translates into a very real boost in productivity. Thanks to the increase in capacity, you’ll be drilling more holes per shift. Which opens up the possibility of quicker blasting and a more rapid advance in bench and production drilling.

Powerbit Surface

For years, we have been known to have the best shank adapters and drill rods on the market. With Powerbit, we can proudly state that we now also have the best tophammer drill bits around. Welcome to an unbeatable drill string. 


Read more about Powerbit Surface.


COPROD – combining the best of both worlds

Epiroc presents COPROD, a unique patented drilling system for fast and straight drilling in demanding rock. It consists of drilling rigs and drillstrings that combine the high penetration rate of tophammer equipment with the hole straightness and hole quality of DTH equipment.


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Drill bits

Drill rods and tubes

Our rods and tubes are manufactured with an own-specified steel grade and cutting-edge heating process, which creates an ideal balance between abrasion resistance and flexibility.


Secoroc Magnum SR and Secoroc TC – more material where it’s needed.


Thanks to our unique patented conical thread systems, we’re confident that rod breakage is a problem you will see a lot less of. More material at the rod end not only strengthens the product, but also minimizes deviation during collaring. The result? Straighter holes and a much longer service life.


The common denominator for both systems is thicker and stronger rods with the same bit diameter as an equivalent R or T threaded system. This means less downtime, straighter holes and greater productivity. In addition, rods and bits are much easier to couple and uncouple.




The T-WiZ-thread system translates into a very real boost in productivity. Thanks to the increase in capacity, you’ll be drilling more holes per shift.

More than 400 different shank adapters

Our shank adapters also fit on equipment from our competitors, like Sandvik, Montabert, Krupp, Joy, Ingersoll-Rand, Gardner-Denver, Furukawa, Cannon and Joy, Böhler, Boart and others.


High quality steel

Our shank adapters are made from the high quality steel you have come to expect from us.


State-of-the-art treatment

Our shank adapters have state-of-the-art treatment that is unique – chroming and phosphating – manufactured to close tolerances.


Rigorous quality control

Our rigorous quality controls at all our manufacturing units ensure that our shank adapters live up to your expectations.


We offer three types of couplings that fit customer requirements – standard, full-bridge, or cross-over coupling, depending on your application.