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Epiroc produkter nov 2023. Bilder: Per Knutsson

Product description

Diversity of applications and ground conditions can make it challenging to get the most out of the drill steel. With Epiroc Grey line bits, couplings and now rods, you’ll get optimal energy transmission and drilling economy every day and for every project.


Cost-efficient drilling

The Epiroc Grey line products are designed for surface construction applications, with highquality steel they can optimize rock drilling in less demanding rock conditions. Epiroc Grey line delivers an optimal performance from your drill string, while benefiting your profitability.


Epiroc quality assured

The Epiroc Grey line products are suitable for the most common tophammer surface drilling applications, over a range of depths and ground conditions. Epiroc Grey line rods and bits offer the consistent high-quality and reliability that you would expect from Epiroc rock drilling tools.


The same conditions and warranty

All Epiroc products are made in the same quality (the only difference is the performance), therefore the Epiroc Grey line has the same terms and conditions and warranty as any other Epiroc product. The result will vary depending on geology, operator skills, drill rig condition and settings. But we can promise that service life will be better than any other competitor in the same price range.

Quick facts


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Epiroc Grey line T38 rod.png