Down-the-hole drilling tools

Down-the-hole drilling tools

Proudly presenting our six fastest DTH hammers, the new COP M-series.

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One-stop-shop – a total solution

We offer a complete range of dth drilling tools including hammers, bits, pipes, adapters, reverse circulation products, breakout benches and grinding machines with consumables.

Innovation and commitment over the decades

The history of the down-the-hole hammer manufacturing goes back more than four decades. For the past 40 years and still today, our goal is to produce the best products for our customers. Customers have been the key focus for the down-the-hole team throughout the years. Each person in engineering, production, marketing and sales is committed to deliver the best products to the market. Now looking back, we can proudly say that we did it!

Competence – we know the drill

We have seen down-the-hole products being used in different applications all over the world. We can assist, not only with the complete drill string, but also with the knowledge to help our customers with their applications. We have the experience and expertise to offer a full solution package for our customers.

COP M-series

Welcome to Epiroc's all new COP M-series of DTH hammers. Our 6", 7" and 8" hammers are designed and built to perfection. They are faster, lighter, more service friendly and longer lasting than ever before. Our new hammers come with a wealth of new design features. These translate into great benefits for you. You need to look no further for increased drilling performance and return on investment. We know dth drilling!

Down-the-hole applications – just about anywhere

DTH products

The leading manufacturer

We have the broadest range of dth drilling tools, such as hammers, bits, and related equipment of any supplier in the world. This means more choices for you. It means you can work with the strongest support network in the industry, regardless of your equipment needs. We are the only manufacturer to offer both first and second choice solutions in every single application. It’s all right here. At Epiroc.

Service and support

Epiroc service, support and training follows every purchase, to ensure that customers extract maximum productivity from their drilling operations. Having a knowledgeable and available world-class partner on site or online, makes the difference between doing it alone and tapping the experience and know-how. The customer can count on our service and support, supplied by the largest, most dedicated manufacturer of dth drilling tools in the world. We know down hole drilling!