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Optimized flushing – goodbye, drill cuttings

The face of Epiroc DTH Drill Bits ensures optimized flushing. As a result, you can expect efficient disposal of drill cuttings, which also adds to the long service life.


More buttons – with the new Epiroc carbide

A noticeable feature of Epiroc DTH drill bits is that they have more buttons, which increases the energy released when drilling. The bits also include the new Epiroc carbide, resulting in less wear, longer service life and fewer interruptions.


A tough and sturdy body

With improved heat treatment and increased face hardness, the body is harder, tougher and sturdier. That means premium performance and longer service life.


The right shape for every job

With Epiroc DTH drill bits you can always choose the right button. Our traditional buttons are always up for the task, but in certain formations the Epiroc trubbnos buttons will optimize the upsides of spherical and semiballistic buttons. Regardless of buttons used, you can expect longer service life, an improved penetration rate, and increased drilling speed.


Fewer interruptions at work

For operators, the longer service life brings one outstanding benefit – fewer interruptions. The consequences are better working conditions with fewer lifts of big, heavy bits.


There is also less risk of injuries from lifting or dropping bits. Plus, there are fewer manual and time-consuming procedures. Instead, operators can look forward to extended, undisturbed drilling periods and a much smoother workday.


Business growth and smaller footprint

Epiroc DTH drill bits fit ideally in our quest to reduce our footprint. Again, a longer service life is crucial. Put differently, when a bit lasts longer, you need a smaller quantity of bits. That, in turn, reduces the raw material and energy required to manufacture bits. And fewer bits mean fewer transports, less regrinding, and less waste. Plus, you still get a chance to grow your business, as these bits are way better than their predecessors. How’s that for a giant leap forward that will leave a smaller footprint?


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