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Product description

Epiroc underground drill bits is more than just a drill bit. It´s a way to boost the return on your rig investment - through increased drilling efficiency and reliability.


Boosts modern rigs...

Even the most powerful rig won’t do all the work by itself. You need a drill bit that matches the rig’s performance, withstanding the immense forces to give you more drill meters per day. Only then will you experience true drilling productivity.


...and older rigs too

Epiroc underground drill bits gives older rigs a power boost too. It has optimized flushing holes and a smarter hole configuration than previous generations of bits. It will therefore increase the efficiency of rigs with lower water pressure and less effective flushing.


Faster, more reliable drilling

Our upgraded bits drills up to 15 percent faster than previous Epiroc models, reducing the total cost of ownership considerably.


Even so, the true gain comes from what our bits will do to your availability and productivity. How about 20 percent more drill meters before the first regrind and 15 percent more drill meters between regrinds?


With our innovative bits, you will experience a whole new “flow” at work. Enjoying the satisfaction of trouble-free, uninterrupted drilling that spells more money in your pocket. All thanks to the bit’s extreme ruggedness.


Full utilization of your rig

Drill rigs get most of the attention in mining – and perhaps rightly so. After all, they do provide the necessary brute force. But smart miners also realize how to best make use of their rig’s full capacity.


Epiroc underground drill bits allows you to complete more drill meters per day. Experience faster and more reliable drilling. Improve efficiency. Capitalize fully on your rig investment. All thanks to Epiroc underground drill bits.

Powerbit Underground PUG

Epiroc underground retrac drill bits

Do you need a drill bit that gives you outstanding power, up to 20% longer service life and a better penetration rate? Then the Epiroc retrac drill bits for underground applications are the ones for you.


Innovaton is key in our ambition to help customer increase their overall productivity and by using a harder and stronger bit body steel together with a new bit shape, our development engineers have developed a stronger and tougher drill bit, able to take on any rock formation - giving you straighter holes and outstanding service life.


Longer service life

The premium Epiroc grade of carbide is harder and tougher than ever before and with the unique shape of the Trubbnos button the wear volume can be maximized against the diameter wear, whilst having a lower contact area with the rock. This results in an optimized balance of bit diameter wear and penetration rate, giving you up to 50% more meters to the first regrind and up to 20% longer bit wear life.


Optimized face design

The face is designed to optimize the flushing capacity by the sizing and positioning of the flushing holes and grooves relative the buttons, ensuring the ability to also effectively flush the larger chips created by the Trubbnos buttons.


Tougher body

By using a new steel type in the bit body, which is harder, stronger and also enhancing the internal geometry, the bit body have an increased fatigue- and abrasion resistance. The stronger steel also holds the buttons better, reducing the risk for pop-outs.


Straighter holes

By keeping a tighter match in between head and skirt diameter enables the bit to drill straighter holes due to less angular deflection.

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