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Epiroc adds Chicago Pneumatic excavator attachments to product line

April 5, 2018

Epiroc announces that Chicago Pneumatic hydraulic excavator attachments have joined its product lineup as part of the planned Epiroc split with Atlas Copco. The Epiroc RX breakers, RC compactors and CG contractor grapples will feature the same high performance and outstanding reliability as before, with enhanced support from Epiroc’s dedicated hydraulic attachments organization.

Epiroc is a new company born of the Mining and Rock Excavation Technique business area and the Hydraulic Attachment Tools division of Atlas Copco. The spinoff company now offers all the hydraulic attachments previously marketed under the brand names of Atlas Copco and Chicago Pneumatic — a member of the Atlas Copco family of companies.
The former Chicago Pneumatic hydraulic attachments that Epiroc has added include:
  • 14 RX breakers for applications including demolition, landscaping, building renovation, road construction, rock excavation and quarrying;

  • six RC compactors for effectively compacting soil in trenching, ground leveling, embankment construction, driving in and pulling out posts, sheet piling and other formworks;

  • and 18 CG grapples designed for demolition, rip-rap, construction-and-demolition sort, scrap and waste handling.
  • All the attachments will be backed by a dedicated group of Epiroc manufacturer representative agencies and the new Epiroc Hydraulic Attachment Competency Center in Independence, Ohio. The facility combines a customer center, repair shop and configuration center, and parts and supplies warehouse with a team focused solely on hydraulic attachments.

    "The biggest change customers will experience is more support. The R&D is the same, and so are the manufacturing facilities. But as Epiroc we’re able to offer the support of a group completely dedicated to increasing customer productivity with hydraulic attachments."

    Matt Cadnum ,Epiroc Vice President –Hydraulic Attachment Tools, U.S. and Canada
    Epiroc RX breaker

    Epiroc RX breaker

    The Hydraulic Attachment Tools division has been a technology leader for over 50 years. The hydraulic breaker was developed in 1963 by the German company Krupp Berco Bautechnik, which merged into Atlas Copco in 2002.Today the Epiroc product range covers around 100 various hydraulic attachments for excavators, including hydraulic breakers, combi cutters, concrete busters, pulverizers, multi grapples, compactors, bucket crushers, hydro magnets, steel cutters, and drum cutters. The lineup includes the world’s biggest series production hydraulic breaker — the HB 10000.

    Atlas Copco announced in January 2017 that the Atlas Copco Group will split into two companies in 2018: Atlas Copco, focusing on industrial customers, and Epiroc, focusing on mining, infrastructure and natural resources customers. The split remains subject to approval by Atlas Copco shareholders in April 2018.

    For more information, visit
    Press release from Epiroc USA LLC
    For further information please contact:
    Matt Cadnum, Vice President – Hydraulic Attachment Tools, U.S. and Canada.
    (216) 643-6811
    Troy Johnson, Media Communications, Performance Marketing
    (515) 224-7408

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