Automation and information underground

Automation and information management underground

We help our customers have an efficient process from solid rock underground to crushed ore on ground. Our automation and information management solutions increase safety and productivity.


Digitalization calls for a new way of working. Our customers need people, processes and technology to synchronize. We call it 6th Sense. 6th Sense is the Epiroc way to optimize our customers' value chain through automation, system integration and information management – enabling a smart, safe, seamless operation.

6th Sense in underground value chain

6th Sense Development

6th Sense Development unleashes the potential to optimize the drill and blast cycle in mine development and tunneling.

By knowing the status of machines and all active faces, supervisors can make better operational decisions to maximise equipment utilisation and minimise transition times.

With 6th Sense Development, mines and construction projects can realise measurable productivity gains by focusing on improving the process as a whole.

6th Sense Production

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6th Sense Production empowers miners to make better production decisions and increase equipment utilization.

Rich, real-time production actuals track schedule compliance, enabling proactive supervisors to mitigate the effect of delays on activities.

With 6th Sense Production, high quality data can be leveraged for insights in operational excellence, including benchmarking to identify ways of working from global operations.

6th Sense Transport

6th Sense Transport drives safety and productivity by increase how effectively a miner can manage its Load and Haul operations.

Visibility of relevant production facts requires the open information exchange between the equipment of different vendors, as well as the miner’s fleet management, scheduling and maintenance systems.

With 6th Sense Transport, operational efficiencies are further improved with the addition of machine automation and effective traffic management.

In our underground offering you will find smart, connected products – and the knowledge, tools and partners to take control of your operation in a completely new way.



Telematics from our Certiq system automatically create KPI's from the machines, describing the process flow of the shift. Adding position data from our Mobilaris offering, we can then follow the machine utilization as well as the asset utilization. This reduces manual reporting and increases objective details in the KPI's.


The improved situational awareness coming from the insight, will help the shift team to prioritize actions. A proper use of the correct machine options combined with operating procedures will create the necessary improvements.


With objective information coming from Insight and feedback from applying Control the continuation into Optimize is obvious. Find the next measure and work to improve in a continuous search for operational excellence in our machines.


Customer stories

Barrick’s Hemlo Mine goes deep with teleremote and automation – teleremote autonomous mining is helping Barrick Gold Corporation reach a deeper section of its Hemlo mine in Canada.

Dynamic tunneling in Bodø

January 22, 2017

Norwegian contractor Veidekke shares their experience with the Dynamic tunneling package, and explains how the software feature enables them to generate drill plans at the tunnel face.