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Deep Automation commercial image

Deep Automation

Deep Automation is Epiroc’s cutting-edge set of automation systems and applications, used to orchestrate loaders and trucks in underground mining operations. Developed with interoperability in mind and suitable for a variety of operation types - from small stoping to large block caving.

Explore a deeper level of mining, decision-making and collaboration.

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Increased safety

By operating the machine from a control room located in a safe environment, the operator will not be exposed to hazardous areas within the mine.

Boost productivity

Automation enables you to utilize your loader even when people are not allowed in the mine due to blasting and shift changes, which increases uptime and produced tonnes. Thanks to hauling on repeatable routes, your machine will have fewer wall hits and spend less time in the repair shop.


Adding automation to your fleet means reaching the full potential of your operation by controlling production assignments, fleet traffic, and work area access. This eliminates the risk of collisions in common drifts and enables a continuous operation.

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