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Scooptram ST14 SG working in underground mine with female operator in the cabin,  close to the wall, making a turn
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Scooptram ST14 SG walkaround movie


When electrification meets automation

Scooptram ST14 SG is a 100% emission-free, automation-ready loader designed for various underground applications. It is as suitable for development as for production loading. Thanks to the high energy regeneration, it ensures low energy consumption and extended driving range. With the electric drive, this battery-electric loader will outperform diesel equivalents, especially on grade.


370 kWh

High energy battery


Enjoy an autonomous operation by combining your Scooptram loader with Deep Automation solutions

550 kg CO2 emissions reduced

During an 8-hour shift


Scooptram ST14 SG ensures that every operation can be carried out in the best way for both people and equipment without compromising on productivity and sustainability. 


Equipped with various safety features such as a certified ISO ROPS and FOPS cabin, speed limiter, and remarkable operator visibility, it upholds high safety standards.


Designed with a robust build, and being automation-ready, this loader is made for the challenging environments of underground mining, consistently ensuring the safety of operators and smooth operation.


Scooptram ST14 SG is optimized for productivity in many ways. Tramming is provided by a high-power traction motor connected to a high-efficiency driveline. Hydraulic functions are powered by a separate auxiliary motor that delivers hydraulic power on demand.


This results in a twice as efficient electrical motor compared to a diesel engine and up to 75% more efficient drivetrain with dedicated motors for traction and auxiliary, ensuring power when you need it.


Thanks to Epiroc’s self-sustained battery with its own dedicated cooling system, Scooptram ST14 SG has the flexibility of both onboard and offboard charging. Operators have the advantage of charging the loader anywhere in the mine when the opportunity arises, particularly during idle times—whether it's waiting for a truck to return or during a shift change. A quick charge and the loader is ready to go.

Emission-free underground loader

Scooptram ST14 SG will improve the environment both locally at your operations and globally. This underground loader means zero exposure for the workforce to diesel particulates, and toxic gases such as nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, and carbon monoxide. Being emission-free, this battery-electric vehicle makes a difference when it comes to lessening the carbon footprint and reducing greenhouse gases.