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Epiroc brand makes SME Annual Conference & Expo debut

February 26, 2018

Atlas Copco Group subsidiary provides customers in mining, infrastructure and natural resources with market-leading products and services, including automation solutions featured at the show.

Epiroc, the new subsidiary of the Atlas Copco Group that is planned to be listed on the stock exchange in 2018, is exhibiting at the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration Inc. (SME) Annual Conference & Expo for the first time. Operating under its own brand name and logo, Epiroc is showcasing automation and system solutions in Booth 921 at the annual event, Feb. 25-28 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Atlas Copco announced in January 2017 that the Group will split into two companies in 2018: Atlas Copco, focusing on industrial customers, and Epiroc, focusing on mining, infrastructure and natural resources customers. Epiroc began operating as an independent business on Dec. 1, 2017, providing market-leading products and services to those industries. The split is proceeding according to plan, but remains subject to approval by Atlas Copco shareholders in April 2018.

Epiroc originated from the Mining and Rock Excavation Technique business area and the Hydraulic Attachment Tools division of Atlas Copco. The name comes from Greek and Latin roots meaning “at the rock,” reflecting the brand’s newly dedicated industry focus, proximity to customers, and strength of relationships.
The new brand offers a wide range of products for mining and exploration applications, from rock drilling tools to underground rock excavation equipment to blasthole drilling solutions.

In the United States, the Epiroc organization started operating under the Epiroc name on Dec. 1, 2017. Local support comes from more than 350 employees — who provide sales and service from 19 locations — along with a widespread dealer network. Eighteen branches and more than 400 employees serve partners in Canada, where operation under the Epiroc name began Sept. 1, 2017.

"Epiroc was formed to better serve our customers. Becoming Epiroc enables us to build on more than 140 years of Atlas Copco quality and expertise, while focusing all of our energy on our partners in mining, infrastructure and natural resources. We’re dedicated to delivering them the performance they need to maximize productivity today, and the technology they need to compete in the future."

Turgay Ozan ,President of Epiroc USA LLC

At SME, Epiroc is featuring a variety of leading-edge solutions including:

Epiroc Scooptram ST7 Battery

Epiroc Scooptram ST7 Battery

  • The Scooptram ST7 Battery, a battery-powered loader designed to increase production while meeting and exceeding environmental standards and safety requirements. Epiroc is migrating its entire underground rock excavation product line to battery power

  • The automation-ready Boomer S2, a compact two-boom face drilling rig ideal for mine development and small tunnels.
  • Epiroc Pit Viper

    Epiroc Pit Viper

  • The Pit Viper series of surface blasthole drills that offers Rig Control System (RCS) with automation capabilities as standard. Customers have the ability to operate their Pit Vipers manually with automated assistance or to utilize the platform for fully autonomous operation experienced today at several mines around the world
  • Epiroc SmartROC D65

    Epiroc SmartROC D65

  • The SmartROC series of drills with automation features along with intelligent functions that maximize consistency, save fuel and extend component life. 

  • The Mobilaris Mining Intelligence position-based support system that increases personnel productivity and safety by tracking equipment, vehicles and personnel in real-time 3D. 

  • T35 and T38 Powerbits for tophammer surface drilling, part of a bit line that can improve service life by up to 75 percent at significantly higher penetration rates.
  • "Epiroc is taking what we do best and making it even better,” Ozan said. “As Epiroc, we have the same passionate people and drive to support the success of our partners. But we can offer enhanced support and equipment solutions that maximize productivity, energy efficiency, safety and ergonomics. We’re excited to introduce our new brand to SME, and we look forward to growing with our customers in the years to come."
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