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Epiroc highlights TH60, DiamondbackTM water well drills at South Atlantic JUBILEE

Broomfield, Colorado: Epiroc, a leading productivity partner for the mining and infrastructure industries, highlighted two powerful drill rig options for water well drillers at South Atlantic JUBILEETM, July 27-29 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The time-proven TH60 and highly flexible DiamondbackTM Series drills give customers choices to meet their water well drilling needs and preferences.

“Our commitment to customers in the water-well business is stronger than ever,” said Matthew Inge, Business Line Manager for the Drilling Solutions division at Epiroc USA LLC. “Both the TH60 and Diamondback water well drills are built to high quality standards for long-term performance and reliability, even under the toughest conditions. We’re proud to offer and support both rigs to help operations of all sizes increase productivity.”

TH60: A popular, trusted classic

For more than 40 years, water-well drillers have depended on the Epiroc TH60 truck engine/PTO water well drill rig to help crews work safer and faster with less manual labor. The popular drill for down-the-hole, rotary air and mud drilling offers 30,000 pounds of pullback capacity, 70,000 pounds of pulldown force and a field-proven design with a history of robust and reliable performance.

The TH60’s single-engine design lowers overall rig weight, improves weight balance and reduces noise and deck congestion. A lattice-design derrick offers an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, while a rigid mainframe makes the TH60 one of the toughest drills in its class. Other time-tested TH60 designs include:

·       A retractable drill table for easy access when handling large-diameter tooling.

·       An ergonomically designed console and large, heavy-duty steel mesh platforms for ease of operation.

·       A rotary head with a compact design and proven reliability.

·       Compressor options that can be uncoupled from the PTO for fuel savings when not in use.

·       A fast and smooth load-sensing hydraulic system that provides the on-demand power and speed necessary to meet demanding drilling conditions.

With up to 600 hp under the hood and 1,850 foot-pounds of torque to the rear wheels, the TH60 can travel at legal highway speeds, deliver the power to move in mountainous locations without continuously downshifting, and provide ample torque in a range of gears to reach the jobsite.

A flexible, adaptive CycloneTM operating system enables drillers to handle easy and tough jobs with confidence. An Electronic Air Regulation System (E.A.R.S.) allows operators to control the hole and develop the well while reducing fuel consumption. Additional beneficial features include standard electric/hydraulic controls, a carousel inside the tower frame and a self-tensioning cable system.

Diamondback: Flexible by design

Building on core features from trusted legacy products including the successful TH60 — more than 900 were built for the U.S. market only — Epiroc designed the Diamondback Series deck engine/PTO water well drills with flexibility in mind. The DB40 and DB80 for rotary air and mud drilling offer 40,000 and 80,000 pounds of pullback capacity, respectively, along with 30,000 pounds of pulldown force. They feature a modular design that allows customers to configure and adapt their rig in response to market opportunities, before or after purchase.

Modular rig design allows customers to start with a basic rig and tower and add the specific components needed based on weight, budget and job requirements. Time-proven designs such as E.A.R.S. and load-sensing hydraulics come standard. Diamondback options include:

·       A fixed carousel with sliding rotary head for large-diameter jobs.

·       A water well tower or a Multi-Purpose (MP) tower, which has dump angle capability and can slide down to ground level for reverse circulation drilling or coring. The MP tower is 38 feet long and the water well tower is available in two lengths: 34 feet (26 feet of head travel) or 38 feet (30 feet of head travel).

·       Advanced technology with onboard rig diagnostics.

·       Hands-free rod loader to maximize safety while loading and unloading drill pipe.

·       Multiple rotary head options to accommodate different types of drilling.

·       A wireless remote for winch control at a distance.

Including the TH60 and Diamondback, Epiroc offers a complete line of hydraulic top-head-drive drills designed for water well and other applications requiring air or mud rotary, as well as down-hole hammer drilling methods. The company’s diverse selection of lightweight to heavy-duty rigs fulfills a variety of jobsite demands.

Epiroc recently strengthened its commitment to the water-well drilling segment in the southeastern U.S. with the addition of the Roanoke Service Center in Virginia. The location serves southeastern states with water well products, parts and services.

“Water well drillers have come to rely on Epiroc for powerful and reliable drill rigs,” Inge said. “In the field-proven TH60 and the versatile Diamondback Series, we offer a variety of drill options built for long-lasting performance at a competitive price point.”

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