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Epiroc USA wins ANA B2 marketing award for “United. Inspired.” employer branding

Epiroc USA Team Wins B2 Gold Award in Employer Branding

Epiroc USA Team Wins Gold in Employer Branding from ANA B2 Awards

Broomfield, Colorado: Epiroc, a leading productivity partner for the mining and infrastructure industries, has won a prestigious Association of National Advertisers (ANA) B2 Award for business-to-business marketing excellence. The company earned a Gold award in the Employer Branding category for its “Becoming “United. Inspired.” environmental branding entry, which detailed how a completely new and branded space contributed to transforming Epiroc’s culture in the U.S.


When splitting from its parent company, Atlas Copco, in 2017 and spinning off into its own brand, Epiroc USA had an identity challenge it needed to address. Internal surveys showed that many employees were not quite clear about the new brand’s direction and were uncertain how to adapt to a new company culture.


The solution to the identity challenge had to start with a cultural foundation developed to change internal perceptions and bring employees together around the new brand’s goals, mission and values. Epiroc partnered with West Des Moines, Iowa-based Performance Marketing to bring life to the brand’s promise of “United. Inspired.” in a tangible, real way. The partnership focused on ways employees could see touch and interact with Epiroc’s core values of innovation, commitment and collaboration on an everyday basis.


The award-winning solution was an environmental design pilot program at the company’s U.S. headquarters in the technology hub of Broomfield, Colorado. The design was considered an extension of the brand’s values and intended to promote a sense of belonging for employees.


“Employer branding is the first building block in the brand value chain. Investing in the growth of the internal brand is the key to eventually transform customer mindset, market performance and shareholder value,” said Mila Armer, Marketing and Communications Manager of Epiroc USA LLC.


The Epiroc and Performance Marketing teams carefully considered the purpose of rooms, room names, wall graphics, traffic flow and work styles to ensure all employees and visitors would understand what the brand stood for and be excited about the space.

Environmental design is part of an ongoing culture transformation project at Epiroc USA, which includes many components. When employees were surveyed again after the environmental transformation, views had shifted significantly. Results included:


·         122 percent increase in employees who strongly agree that Epiroc makes them feel proud to work there.

·         155 percent increase in employees who strongly agree that Epiroc makes them feel energized.

·         52 percent increase in employees who strongly agree that Epiroc has a clear company culture.

·         96 percent increase in employees who are very likely to recommend Epiroc as a place to work.


The design and its refinement were successful in achieving a positive shift in employee perceptions and laid the cultural foundation at the company’s U.S. headquarters. With the pilot program proven successful, it will be adapted for the company’s additional locations across the country. 


For 43 years, the Association of National Advertisers (ANA)’s B2 Awards have recognized and celebrated the best in business-to-business marketing. Earning an award from such a respected organization is evidence of the company’s achievements surrounding the culture.


“To establish a well-defined culture, we needed to make the brand promise of “United. Inspired.” relatable, something employees could be part of each and every day,” said Jon Torpy, President and General Manager of Epiroc USA LLC. “We’re appreciative and proud that the B2 Awards judges recognized the empowering effects this approach had on our employees. We will continue to build our culture around our values of innovation, commitment and collaboration to be a better partner for our customers.”  


The ANA B2 Awards have been recognizing and celebrating the best in business marketing for 43 years.

This awards program has been thoughtfully crafted to reflect today’s wide-ranging forms of B2B marketing practices — from traditional tactics used in innovative ways to rapidly changing technologies. With such a diverse and expanding landscape of B2B marketers, the B2 Awards are inclusive and recognize excellence in leadership, creativity, and business results from brands of all sizes and campaigns of all budgets, and scopes by data. The B2s are administered and owned by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA). Winners have included many of the world’s leading client-side marketers, agencies, and consultants who have an exceptional command in creating and implementing results-driven B2B marketing.


ANA (Association of National Advertisers)’s mission is to drive growth for marketing professionals, for brands and businesses, and for the industry. Growth is foundational for all participants in the ecosystem. The ANA seeks to align those interests by leveraging the 12-point ANA Masters Circle agenda, which has been endorsed and embraced by the ANA Board of Directors and the Global CMO Growth Council. The ANA’s membership consists of more than 1,600 domestic and international companies, including over 1,000 client-side marketers and nonprofit fundraisers and 600 marketing solutions providers (data science and technology companies, ad agencies, publishers, media companies, suppliers, and vendors). Collectively, ANA member companies represent 20,000 brands, engage 50,000 industry professionals, and invest more than $400 billion in marketing and advertising annually.

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Epiroc USA Team Wins Gold in Employer Branding from ANA B2 Awards
Epiroc USA Team Wins Gold in Employer Branding from ANA B2 Awards
Epiroc USA Team Wins Gold in Employer Branding from ANA B2 Awards
Epiroc USA Team Wins Gold in Employer Branding from ANA B2 Awards