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BenchREMOTE offers increased productivity and efficiency. One operator can run up to three rigs from the same BenchREMOTE.


The best way to protect the operator is to remove them from unstable and hazardous benches. BenchREMOTE makes it possible to drill close to the wall without anyone needing to be in the drilling area.


BenchREMOTE dramatically reduces noise and dust levels for the operator. It's also possible to site several BenchREMOTE stations together, making direct communication between operators and management much more direct and effective.

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BenchREMOTE – a smarter way to work

Control up to three HNS-equipped SmartROC rigs simultaneously from one operator station. Up to ten rigs can be pre-programmed into each BenchREMOTE station.
BenchREMOTE can be used up to 100 meters horizontally and 30 meters vertically from the remote rig, Operators can be highly productive without ever having to enter a hazardous area.
BenchREMOTE can be installed in a customer-supplied vehicle, trailer or container. All BenchREMOTE controls and screens are the same as in the real rig cabin – SmartROC operators will feel right at home.
Reliable communication between BenchREMOTE and remote rigs is ensured via a closed and secured wireless network. A local wireless network is not required..

Take a leap forward in safety

BenchREMOTE from Epiroc makes it possible to remove the operator from dangerous areas. BenchREMOTE transforms your business into a safer and more effective mining operation. It pushes forward the boundaries in surface mining automation.



Product description

BenchREMOTE is a unique remote operator station. It's available in two versions featuring different control systems. SmartROC D65, SmartROC D60, SmartROC D55 and SmartROC D50 machines can be controlled with one version. SmartROC C50, SmartROC CL and SmartROC T45 long feed are controlled by the other version. The BenchREMOTE enables operators to do their job from a safe distance. It can remotely handle not just one rig, but up to three rigs in parallel. This takes productivity to a new level.


There are currently two versions of the BenchREMOTE available. One to control SmartROC D50, SmartROC D55, SmartROC D60 and SmartROC D65 MKI. 
The second version to control  SmartROC D50 MKII, SmartROC D55 MKII, SmartROC D60 MKII, SmartROC D65 MKII, SmartROC C50 SmartROC CL and SmartROC T45 long feed.