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piroc Drum Cutter ER 3000 cutting 15,800psi limestone in central Kentucky in the USA
Technical specifications

Carrier weight class ¹

55 t - 75 t

Service weight ²

5 500 kg

Product weight

4 800 kg

Nominal power

280 kW

Rotation speed

50 rpm

Optimum oil flow ³

500 l/min - 750 l/min

Max. torque @ 350 bar

90 000 Nm

Max. cutting force @ 350 bar

200 000 N

Pick shaft diameter

38 mm

Number of picks


Max. oil flow @ 10 bar

800 l/min

Max. operating pressure

350 bar
  1. Weights apply to standard carriers only. Any variances must be agreed with Epiroc and/or the carrier manufacturer prior to attachment.
  2. Attachment with standard picks & average-sized adapter plate.
  3. Various motor variants available per model.

More information

Product picture ER 4000 with features

Drum cutter ER 4000

HATCON enables next level fleet management by monitoring operating hours, location and service intervals.
Pick sleeves are replaceable
New designt Drums
Drum cutter machine ER 4000

Rotary drum cutter ER 4000

Closed intermediate console
2 Hydraulic motors
Various cutting heads and cutting tools
Transverse Drum Cutters are an excellent choice for rock or concrete wall and surface profiling, trenching, soft rock and frozen soil excavation and demolition.
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