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Design follows function

The angled shape and broad jaw help to speed up work. Bulk pulverizers enable clean separation of rebar and concrete and their subsequent reduction into grain sizes suitable for crushing or use as backfill.
Technical specifications

Carrier weight class ¹

43 t - 55 t

Service weight ²

5 200 kg

Jaw opening

1 200 mm

Jaw depth

860 mm

Blade length

240 mm

Cutting force - upper blades

310 t

Crushing force, jaw tip

131 t

Operating pressure

350 bar

Oil flow

300 l/min - 400 l/min

Closing cycle

3,3 Seconds

Opening cycle

3,1 Seconds

Max operating pressure, rotation

170 bar
  1. Weights apply to standard carriers only. Any variances must be agreed with Epiroc and/or the carrer manufacturer prior to attachment.
  2. Attachment with average-sized adapter plate.






More information

Concrete pulverizer

Pulverizer attachment for excavator BP 4050 R with HATCON

360° endless hydraulic rotation allows optimal positioning and precise handing.
HATCON enables next level fleet management by monitoring operating hours, location and service intervals.
Bulk Pulverizer BP 4050 R

Concrete pulverizer BP 4050 R with rotation unit

Faster working cycles thanks to the integrated speed valve.
Tooth plate is replaceable for easy maintenance.
Cutting blades are both replaceable and reversible.
The BP 3050 bulk pulverizer
Does BP 4050 R fit your carrier?

Secondary demolition with a BP 3050 R Bulk Pulverizer

Secondary demolition and reduction of reinforced concrete elements with a BP 3050 R Bulk Pulverizer.

The cleverly-angled Bulk Pulverizers efficiently separate rebar from concrete in the secondary reduction stage.