Versatile raiseboring rig

Designed to drill opening holes in block cave, sub level caving and sub level stoping mines, this versatile raiseboring rig can also be used for precondition holes, pastefill tube holes and media holes. The rig works in drifts from 4.7x4.7 to 6.0x6.0 m. When drilling with a 750 mm diameter reamer, the Easer L can drill conventional holes up to 200 m and box holes and down reaming holes up to 60 m. The Easer L has the capability to drill angled holes in any direction with a minimum range of 90°–60° from horizontal.

Easer L features high versatility with both upwards and downwards drilling, but without the need of a concrete platform. Significantly less risk of "freezing" the ground thanks to the large diameter of the drill hole results in higher productivity. Thanks to the high accuracy of the mechanical rock excavation method, the hole deviation is less than 1%.


Easer L, freecut, front/left side view