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Welcome to Epiroc's all new M-series of DTH hammers. Our 6", 7" and 8" hammers are designed and built to perfection. They are faster, lighter, more service friendly and longer lasting than ever before.

This is the fastest 6" DTH hammer on the market. It covers the most common hole diameters, from 165 mm to 171 mm.

The 7" hammer is an all-new product, designed to bridge the productivity gap between 6" and 8" hammers. The ideal bit diameters for COP M7 range from 200 mm to 229 mm. Indeed, tests comparing COP M6 and COP M7, using 203 mm bits, show that COP M7 is 27 % faster.

The most powerful M-series hammer, COP M8 is 8” and designed for bit diameters from 229 mm to 254 mm.

Covering all bit sizes
With the right choice of COP M-series hammer you can be assured to get maximum drill speed and productivity for every hole diameter.
COP M-series bit selection chart

LowFlow (LF) or HighFlow (HF)

By simply exchanging just one or two components, each and every COP M-series hammer can be quickly adapted to different air pressure and volume of various rigs. This two-in-one feature makes our hammers fit all rigs operating at different altitude and climates.

Ground breaking technology

The COP M-series DTH hammers come with new, innovative, and patented technology. A unique air cycle, and an all new bit design translate into great benefits for you. You need to look no further for increased drilling performance and return on investment.

Unique patented air cycle
The new patented air cycle of the COP M-series DTH hammers replaces a design that has been dominant on the market for more than 40 years. Ingenious new technology now features a much faster air cycle that allows for a shorter, lighter and faster hammer than ever before. Our DTH hammers are 25 % more compact than before. And for many reasons less is more.

Lighter and safer
The COP M-series hammers weigh approximately 30 % less than other hammers in their class. This means easier handling and increased safety for you.

The fastest DTH hammer ever
A unique piston design allows the COP M-series hammers to strike the rock at much higher frequency than other hammers. This means that less fuel is consumed giving you considerably lower running costs.

Long lasting
The new COP M-series design allows the same or better performance using fewer parts. High quality materials, precise manufacturing, and a simple and robust design gives these hammers low maintenance and long service life.

Durable bits
Our all-new DTH bits feature a patented solid shank, air flow system, and special Enduro buttons. As a result, the COP M-series bits drill faster, last longer, and offer longer intervals between re-grinds.

All you can ask for

Production and test results for the COP M-series hammers have far exceeded expectations. Regardless of mining conditions this DTH series hammers and bits are outperforming the competition.

Outstanding productivity

Our most successful test shows a penetration rate increase of 64% when COP M7 was compared to one of our competitors. COP M6, M7 and M8 have proven themselves to be very effective in all kinds of rock, in all kinds of climates, and with a great variety of drill rigs.


Reliability is key

Strong and tough materials, fewer parts, new solid shank bits and long lasting interior parts make sure that the COP M-series hammers will give you much higher reliability. Everything is built to last. The bits have a solid shank and no exhaust tube. The buttons feature the durable, patented Enduro Extra treatment, which will increase the intervals between re-grinds by up to 20%. All in all, these DTH hammers and bits will offer you a much increased service life.


Quick and easy service

Thanks to the more compact and lighter design, handling is easier and safer. One example is that bits can be changed in a matter of minutes. By utilizing our e-kits, you can keep the internal parts and re-build the hammer by exchanging the quicker wearing external parts. Why? You get an almost new hammer at a greatly reduced cost, with little or no loss in penetration rate.


We care for the environment

A smaller and lighter hammer is better for the environment. Less material is used. Less energy is required for transportation. On top of that, the COP M-series hammers have proven to be very energy efficient, using significantly less fuel per meter drilled. We strive to design and build the most environment friendly tools for you.

The toughest bits

The COP M-series DTH bits are at the very cutting edge of technology. Tests have verified what our simulations predicted. These are the toughest, most durable bits to date.

New, harder, tougher
The COP M-series bits are completely redesigned to meet the demands for both high penetration rates and durability. The bit body is made of a harder and tougher grade of steel. A special heat treatment further enhances the bits wear resistance, giving an outstanding service life.

Patented solid shank
The new range of bits feature a unique, patented, tubeless solid shank. This design practically eliminates shank breaks. The result for you? Much fewer broken and lost bits. And higher quality blast holes.

Sealed exterior flushing
The flushing principle is entirely new. Air pass outside the shank, and goes up the annular space. Then it flows through. Simple, ingenious, efficient, patented.

The strongest buttons
The patented Enduro Extra treatment gives the buttons a much tougher and more strike resistant characteristic. This means many more meters drilled between regrinds for you.

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