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Epsilon rotary bit

Rotary drill bits

For today's productivity demands.

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A comprehensive selection of bits

When it comes to rotary drilling bits, we give you the highest performance, reliability and availability. Your first in choice for drilling.
Rotary bit manufacturing
In today’s competitive environment, miners are demanding improved processes and equipment to add value to their mining operations. To increase efficiency and lower drilling costs, blasthole rigs are expected to deliver more and more energy to the drill bit. As a result, drill bits must be carefully designed and manufactured to not compromise the productivity and efficiency of increasingly complex and expensive drilling systems. Bits have become an even more critical and vital component in this process.

Tricone bits

Verified in the lab, for superior performance in the field.


We offer top-of-the-line tricone drill bits. Our Epsilon premium product line promises the highest performance, reliability, and availability. This effectively results in a lower drilling cost. The Omega sealed bearing product line, takes the guess work out of drilling. Omega bits are designed to increase bit life even further where the application presents restrictions to drilling. 



Designed to maximize productivity and lower your total drilling costs. 


Advanced technology

Epsilon is a product of our extensive field experience combined with sophisticated research and development, including advanced simulation technology.


Balanced cutting structure

Cutting structures (the placement of inserts) and bearing geometry have been optimized to distribute load more uniformly over the bearings. The result is a smoother and more balanced cutting structure, allowing sustained penetration rates over longer periods of time, with reduced risk of bearing failure. As an added bonus, full body armour minimises wear on both bit body and shirt tail.


Lower total drilling costs

Our Epsilon premium bits are designed with streamlined lug allowing the ejection of larger pieces or rock. Ultimately, you can now look forward to faster penetration rates, longer bit life, and significantly lower total drilling cost. It now takes less time to get the job done!


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A sealed bearing bit designed to exceed expectation in unpredictable environments.


Customer value

The Omega sealed bearing bit provides better overall value for our customers. Lower TDC, higher ROP, longer bit life and the ability to use in variable drilling conditions, all contribute to cost savings and profit increases that vary from mine to mine depending on drill depth and patterns.



Streamlined lugs help remove cuttings and chips from the hole more efficiently. Every design is custom tailored to withstand the toughest drilling conditions independent of drilling extremities.


Ground conditions

Omega is ideal for drilling conditions where ground water is present in holes or from injected water into air streams, which can be acidic and can negatively effect bit bearings.


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Klaw bits

Exceptional penetration rates in most shallow drilling applications.


Designed for safety

Fewer bit changes means more time spent drilling, and when you have to make a bit change, we have the tools to make the job safe and easy.


Lower drilling costs

With less repairs, there is no need for repair stock. Inventory levels and freight costs are at a minimum.



Highest quality drilling for the life of the bit, no welded repairs that affect drillability, improved driller comfort, higher production rates, and eliminated rod rattle!


PDC bits

For today's drilling challenges.


PDC (Polycrystalline Diamond Compact) bits are particularly suited to Oil & Gas and HDD. Now with improved technology and lower costs, PDC bits are making headway into waterwell, geotechnical and mining.


We are committed to provide state-of-the-art steel body PDC bits, as well as a number of other drilling products, to optimize drilling efficiency and lower drilling costs through quality and performance. Our fully equipped manufacturing facility, experienced engineering design team, and experienced management and technicians are using proprietary systems and processes to build the industry’s highest quality PDC bits, and other drilling products, by continually improving product design, performance, and durability by developing innovative solutions for today’s drilling challenges.