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Greatly improved service life

With Powerbit, our development engineers have looked at all aspects of drill bit technology to ensure the longest possible service life. The bit shape is all new. We've used harder and stronger bit body steel. And our new button technology is so effective that it's been patented many times over.

Easy bit selection

The Powerbit product range covers all types of rock - from hard to soft, and from abrasive to non-abrasive. Thorough research, simulation and testing have allowed us to make the Powerbit range much more compact and versatile than before. Approximately 30 % fewer bits now handle all tophammer surface drilling applications – making bit choice so much easier for you.

Longer grinding intervals

One of the most important development criteria for Powerbit was to improve service life and reduce the need for constant regrinds. The solution? New carbide button cutting geometries that offer maximum material on each button. What's more, each button has gone through a special surface treatment to make it tougher and more durable. For most rock formations we offer you up to 15 % more meters between regrinds.

Powerbit – new power in tophammer surface* drilling

Powerbit is the all new range of tophammer drill bits for surface drilling from Epiroc. They’re built to take on any rock, from hard to soft, and from abrasive to non-abrasive. These bits last much longer. They give the drillers more meters before the first regrind, and many more meters between the regrinds. With Powerbit, drillers are guaranteed to get more performance from each bit. 


*Some bits within the Powerbit assortment can also be used for underground drilling. The Powerbit range for ST58 and ST68 is only for underground drilling applications.

Powerbit movie


A complete Powerbit range for tophammer surface drilling.

Powerbits are available for the thread systems T35, T38, T45, T51, T-WiZ60, ST58 and ST68. Tests have been performed all over the world in a great variety of rock conditions. The results? Powerbit greatly outperforms all competing bits. Depending on rock type, service life is up to 75 % better than the competition. And penetration rate is up to 10 % better. 


The Powerbit range gives you an unbeatable drill string, where our shank adapters and drill rods are already known to be top-of-the-line. Welcome to the tophammer world of Epiroc Drilling Tools.

Optimised face and body design

Our development engineers have looked at all aspects of drill bit technology to ensure we have the best bits on the market. The face is optimised for each type of rock. The flushing holes and flushing grooves are large to ensure efficient flush-out of ground rock. Our retrac bits feature a short and light retrac skirt allowing the impact energy to more effectively reach the rock, while still offering excellent bit steering.

Harder and stronger steel body grade

The steel body grade for our bits is chosen with utmost care to ensure the right hardness, strength and abrasion resistance. Improved heat treatment gives better fatigue strength. And, stronger steel holds the buttons better, reducing the risk for pop-outs.

Patented button technology

Our semi-ballistic cemented carbide buttons are exchanged for buttons with a patented Trubbnos (trapeziod) shape. These buttons have a greatly improved wear resistance and give the drillers much longer intervals between regrinds.


Trubbnos and spherical buttons feature our patented Enduro Extra treatment. This results in buttons that get a harder and tougher surface, improving drilling performance, and reducing the risk for insert breakage.