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Unigrout Flex M in underground tunnel

Compact size - excellent performance

The Unigrout Flex series comes in two different models, S and M. The difference is the mixer and agitator tank sizes. This makes it possible to keep the total size of the rigs to a minimum without affecting the grout performance. Both versions use the same mixing unit and pump.

Ergonomic and service minded

The Unigrout Flex S and Flex M units are designed for easy use. The open structure allows for convenient access during cleaning and service of vital parts, which makes the work more productive and cost effective.

Well-known mechanics

The Unigrout Flex rigs will keep its well-known mixer design as well as the double acting Pumpac grout pump. These components constitutes the heart in grouting to ensure state of the art functionality and optimal results. Covering low to high pressure ranges, Unigrout Flex S and Flex M can be used with a variety of materials and mix designs.

Packers and accessories

Packers are a crucial part of a total grouting solution. They are widely used for grouting works as well as for water tests. We offer a wide range of packers along with the necessary accessories.


Unigrout Flex M freecut photo