TH60 and Diamondback™ DB40  water well drills from Epiroc are built to high quality standards for long-term performance and reliability even under the toughest conditions.

With over 950 of TH60 models sold in the USA over the years, now Epiroc has two great drills that serve the water well industry. The TH60 has been tried and true and works well for water well applications. Proudly built in our factory in Garland, TX, it continues being a popular choice for various size businesses. The Diamondback was introduced in 2018 as an addition to the Epiroc water well lineup and serves customer needs, while offering an extended option package to drive down total cost of operation. Both models are available to order with flexible financing and trade in options.


Truck Engine PTO Water Well Drill


Solid, dependable, and field-proven for more than 40 years, the TH60 is a trusted classic. The Flexible, adaptive Cyclone™ Operating system allows you to tackle easy or tough jobs with equal confidence.

• Load sense hydraulics and Electronic Air Regulation System (EARS)

• 4+ decades of proven performance

• Lattice tower design

• Standard electric/hydraulic controls

• Carousel inside tower frame

• Self-tensioning cable system


Deck Engine PTO/Water Well Drill


Diamondback™ Series drills, such as DB40 and DB80, are designed with flexibility in mind. Modular components make the Diamondback Series highly configurable both before and after purchase.

• Load sense hydraulics and Electronic Air Regulation System (EARS)

• Fixed carousel with sliding rotary head for large-diameter jobs

• Multiple tower lengths and optional dump angle tower

• Multi-purpose rotary head options

• Advanced technology with onboard rig diagnostics

• Hands-free rod loading

• Wireless remote for winch controls