Product description

The Boyles C6/C6C surface core drilling rig is compact and powerful for all ground conditions, terrains and environments. The rig’s safety and ergonomic features provide confidence and assurance with productive drilling, high rate of uptime and minimal maintenance needed. With a drill depth capacity of 1200 meters N-size, the rig is the surface core drilling rig with the deepest drilling depth capacity in its class. Optimized for medium-depth drilling, the Boyles C6/C6C rig makes it possible for you to take on any exploration job. Boyles C6/C6C rig just goes on and on without interruption, thus minimizing service requirements. The rig is designed with safety in mind, minimizing the risk of personal injury during operation.

Technical data

Área de aplicación principal

Surface exploration

Método de perforación

Surface core drilling

Diámetro de perforación

B ; N ; H ; P

Capacidad de profundidad de perforación (ver nota)

0 m - 1 812 m

Diámetro interior del portabrocas

124 mm

Par máximo

6 550 Nm

Tipo de avance

Direct acting cylinder feed

Fuerza de avance

59,6 kN

Fuerza de tracción

138 kN

Tamaño máximo de barras

210 mm

Potencia instalada

153 kW

Sistema de control

Direct hydraulic

Opción de vehículo portador

Crawler ; Trailer

Equipo opcional principal

Gas cartridge type rod holder ; Hydraulic mud mixer


Drilling depth capacity refers to N-size. The drilling depth capacities only serve as guidelines and refer to vertical down drilling. Epiroc cannot guarantee that these results can be achieved in all drilling conditions. You find details about technical specifications in the brochure.
Transport dimensions (Drill rig)


Boyles C6