Product description

The AirROC D50 is a rugged drill rig which can navigate steep climbs and rough terrain with ease. The Atlas Copco air compressor ensures fast and efficient drilling. Servicing is quick and easy, requiring just one person. The AirROC D50  is suitable for limestone, aggregate quarries, surface mining applications and construction. The rig can be interchanged between Down-The-Hole and tophammer drilling to meet different application needs. AirROC D50 is easy to transport due to its compact dimensions. A low center of gravity makes the machine very stable.

Dados técnicos

Área de aplicação principal

Mining ; Quarrying

Método de perfuração


Diâmetro do furo

105 mm - 140 mm

Família de produtos




Profundidade máxima do furo

29,4 m


0 kW

Air capacity (FAD)

0 l/s
Dimensões de transporte
AirROC T35/D50