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Medium-vehicle Geophysical Data Logging Solution

The standard medium-vehicle logging platform makes up the majority of the fleet of geophysical logging platforms. It is designed to allow efficient logging with high levels of ergonomic safety.
Geophysical medium solution image

Minimal manual handling

Large tool carrying capacity

Powered tool tray

This platform minimizes manual handling and has a large tool carrying capacity. The power logging operations utilize a PTO system instead of generators making for less complicated on-site compliance. The latest generation of our medium vehicle includes a powered tool tray, allowing logging probes to be deployed with no manual lifting.

Technical specifications


  • IVMS
  • Dedicated climate-controlled cabin for operator and acquisition equipment
  • Electric winch motor and control
  • Near real-time data transfer (subject to 4G availability or other suitable means)
  • Compliant with all Australian maximum allowed radiation exposure requirements