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Raiseboring machine operating in a mine

Raise boring tools

Our raise boring tools are designed for each individual raise boring machine.

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Industry leader

We are the industry leader in raise boring tools with a rich history of providing high quality products to drill raises in rock up to 8 meter diameters.

We love innovations

Epiroc is constantly improving the product offering to fit the customer’s requirements. Epiroc means innovation and we have the tests and concepts to underscore this claim and reduce your drilling cost compared to the competition.

Sole OEM

Epiroc is the sole OEM of the entire raise bore system – drill rigs and rock drilling tools (drill string, reamers, cutters and pilot bits).

Introducing raise boring drill string components

Epiroc has a long history in raise boring tools that finds its roots in the Robbins Raiseboring Company, Ingersoll Rand raise boring and BHMT. We have a full product offering from the raise boring machine, through the raise boring consumables, including the raise bore drill string.

Epiroc raise boring drill string components are designed for each individual raise boring machine. Many of these machines are Robbins or IR machines designed and manufactured by us. Read more about our machines here. Our raise boring drill string components are designed for durability and economy.


To complement the design and manufacture of our raise boring drill components, we have worldwide coverage, with service just a phone call away. With Epiroc comes constant product improvements along with the backing of Epiroc and the peace of mind that comes with it.


Are you looking for drill pipes, pilot bits or something else when it comes to raise boring tools? Look no further, we have all you need.



Drill pipe products – Designed for all your raise boring applications

Raiseboring drill pipes in studio

Our raise boring tools portfolio includes drill pipes. They are designed and manufactured for fatigue resistance with the use of a radiused root thread instead of the industry standard flat bottom root thread design. In addition, the use of shot peening in critical areas, also improves the fatigue life of the pipe and other components. The combination of the radiused root thread and the shot peening of critical areas, is a step above the industry standard. 


World class raise boring drill pipes, it´s right here!


Cutters – The flexibility you need to complete the job

A black cutter for raise boring

Epiroc provides a comprehensive range of raise boring cutters to fit any need. From kerfed cutters to random cutters and specialty cutters – the solution is yours to choose.


Magnum and Magnum V cutters are the workhorses of the product offering. The Magnum cutter is designed to fit into the square pocket saddle and the Magnum V is designed to fit into the V pocket saddle to better accommodate existing reamers, although the cutters are identical between the saddle pockets. With the largest bearing capacity in the industry and the most amount of carbide cutting the rock, these cutters have a wide range of applications. The RCC cutters have a more tapered cutter shell making them roll true on smaller diameters and to be more aggressive on larger reamers in brittle ground. Designed to fit into the RCC style saddle. 


Raise your productivity with Epiroc raisebore pilot bits

Yellow pilot bit in studio

As part of our on-going commitment to the raisebore industry we have redesigned our pilot bit range to meet the most demanding performance and drilling conditions. With up to 30% more meters drilled than our Bullseye range, and whatever the rock conditions you’re working in, our Primo bits will meet your challenge.


Using the latest technology in carbide grades we have increased gage row wear resistance and toughness while additional advancements to bearing design, geometry and components increases bearing hours. While our engineers improved the way our bits crush the rock; with refinements to bearing geometry that makes the bit roll true. Further enhancing carbide life and reducing vibrations. All combined, this increases our reliability to drill further – faster.


Reamers and stems

Raiseboring reamer at site

A wide range of sizes

Our raise bore reaming systems covers a wide range of sizes from the integral 70 centimeter to 8 meter diameter modular designs.


Custom designed

Our products are designed in consultation and feedback from customers to provide designs that are ridged, versatile and easy to service.

Boxhole reamer at site

Boxhole reamers

Our robust and well-designed boxhole reamers are popular among raise drillers around the world. The boxhole boring application tend to be more site and machine specific than other raise boring applications due to the reamer being pushed upwards from the machine. Safe handling of equipment and muck in this application is key to success. Our boxhole reamers are designed for with the keys to success in mind for boxhole applications. 

Illustrated image of down reamer

Down reamers

Typical down reaming sizes are up to 1,2 m in diameter. This is the largest size to pass through the work table of most raisedrills equipped to down ream. In the down reaming method the pilot hole is completed followed by a subsequent reaming cycle. All from the upper level, and the cuttings passes through the pilot hole to the lower level. Our range of down reamers are designed to ease the evacuation of cuttings even at lower angles as this is key for effectiveness of the boring process. 

Illustrated image of conventional reamer

Conventional reamers

Conventional raise boring is making up the majority of the raised shafts done worldwide. Our range of reamers cover everything from the lowest running cost integral, low profile reamers to complex modular reaming systems where design focus has been on serviceability and user-friendliness. So whether you are facing dimensional limitations, weight restrictions or have application specific needs. Chances are that we already have the right equipment designed.

A yellow hole opener

Hole openers

The need for enlarging raise drilled pilot holes is mostly common in mining applications where you would want to install utility lines or pumping paste in cut and fill operations. Our range of hole openers end at 0,7 m. For larger dimensions the standard type of reamers with cutters take over. The hole openers are typically equipped with bit thirds. A bit third is literally a third of a pilot bit, machined in such a way that it can be bolted or welded onto the hole opener body. 

Illustrated image of a stem


As a connector between the reamer and drillstring, the stem has the most grueling task in the raise boring system. Transferring machine thrust and torque to the cutting face of the reamer. While at the same time handling bending forces fed back from the same. Choices of material, surface treatments and flex zones to mitigate risks are all designed into our stems.  


An unbeatable combination in raise boring equipment

We have an unbeatable technique when it comes to mechanical raise excavation – making large holes from 70 centimeter up to 8 meter in diameter. Flexible reamers, rigid saddles and durable stingers all add up to increased productivity. Look no further, we have your raise boring tools here.