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Epiroc Australia Adelaide Branch

Situated in in the suburb of Lonsdale, Epiroc’s Mining and Rock Excavation operations in Adelaide provides comprehensive support for mining in both South Australia and the Northern Territory. Successful businesses are based on both production and support functions working optimally. Epiroc’s Adelaide team is positioned to safely provide the best support available in mining today: precision and expertise to ensure ongoing, sustainable productivity where it counts. Offering genuine parts, machine rebuilds, service exchange, training, online ordering and tracking, rockdrill servicing, tailored service agreements, direct infield service, and a technological suite of tools including advanced rig diagnostics using thermo dynamics, live streamed rig telemetry that can display both production and maintenance data, and much more.

Adelaide Branch

22 Heath Street
Adelaide, South Australia
5160 Australia

Office hours Monday to Friday: from 08:00 to 16:00. After hours contact number for parts support  0428 407 011.
Contact us on our 24 hour customer support and get in touch with your local Adelaide branch today.

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