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Valoria VA20 turns up the heat in Serbia

October 27, 2023

Serbia is making strides in harnessing renewable energy to heat its homes and offices. In this pursuit, the Epiroc Valoria VA20 drilling rig has emerged as a game-changer. With its modular design and remarkable efficiency, the VA20 is turning heads in the world of geothermal energy, offering substantial savings and sustainable heating solutions.

In the capital city of Belgrade, one property looking for a new source of heating involved a new VA20 drilling rig for the installation of a new geothermal system. The drill rig completed holes and casing advancement needed to install the heat exchange system.

"The modular construction of the VA20 is a smart design for our customers in Serbia. Shipping costs are lower than other rigs on the market and we could assemble and mount the rig on a local Kamaz truck, which was the customer's carrier of choice.

Dragoslav Kujaca , Senior Service Engineer - Epiroc
The VA20 offers 105.8 kN (23,800 lbf) of pullback force and 51.6 kN (11,600 lbf) of pulldown force and a cable feed system that can trip out of the hole at speeds around 58 m (185 ft) per minute. 
The geothermal wells on this site were estimated to heat the facility/building/home with 30 percent savings over their usual energy cost. Wells are typically 180 to 300 meters (590 to 980 ft) deep and simply transfer energy from the earth.
The VA20 is capable of drilling with air, mud, or a mix without the need for cumbersome attachments, so a driller can change modes as needed. The steel casings finished the job to 125 meters (410 ft) deep as the VA20 transitioned from an 8-inch bit to 6 1/2 inches.

"The operators were impressed with the speed and efficiency shown by the VA20."

Deodas Pilare , Lead Engineer Technical Service - Epiroc
"It was nimble, saving money and time", added Pilare
After successfully finishing numerous geothermal drilling wells and currently being involved in a project for drilling 100 wells, it's safe to say that this VA20 has achieved a successful start in Serbia.

Did you know?

All the operational functions on the VA20 drill rig are mechanically controlled from the driller’s console with easy and clear separation of main and auxiliary functions. This ergonomic layout allows for increased operator comfort for maximum productivity levels.

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