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Epiroc Grey line bits in a rack Cropped for web

Epiroc Grey line paves the way at Vitberget wind park

July 6, 2024

In the pristine wilderness of the High Coast of Sweden, where forests meet the rugged shoreline, an exciting project is underway. Vitberget, near Kramfors municipality, have been chosen as the site for a new wind park. Here, the Epiroc Grey line drill bits are helping to accelerate the transformation to a more sustainable future.

Stephen Jakobsen, owner of S.G Bergboring, stands atop the rocky outcrop, surveying the landscape. His company has been entrusted with parts of the critical groundwork for the wind park. Within a period of eight to ten months, 800 000 cubic meters of rock will be removed. As the lead operator, Stephen is doing most of the drilling.


Enter the Epiroc Grey line drill bits—a revelation for Stephen and his crew. These bits are specifically designed with a focus on Cost Per Meter (CPM) efficiency, a crucial factor in construction and infrastructure projects. The Epiroc Grey line bits combines Epiroc’s renowned quality with CPM optimization.

What does that really mean? Well, theres a big difference between drilling production holes, in difficult rock conditions underground and relatively short holes, in easy rock conditions on the surface. For S.G Bergboring, the latter is the name of the game. Given these rock conditions, Stephen has not noticed a lack of hole quality or penetration rate, compared to Epiroc Yellow line bits.


For S.G Bergboring, Epiroc is a total solution provider. So, not only are they using rock drilling tools from Epiroc, but also the machine driving the drill string down into the rock. At Vitberget wind park, Stephen is operating a SmartROC T40 drill rig. By utilizing both drilling tools and drill rig from Epiroc, operations are even better optimized.

"Our range of Epiroc Grey line bits is specifically developed for customers like S.G. Bergboring. The very positive feedback we have received from Stephen confirms that we align with our customers’ expectations. It assures customers that Epiroc can provide the best possible solution on the market for their specific needs."

Johan Thenor ,Head of Product Marketing – Epiroc Grey line
But it isn’t just about speed, penetration rate and hole quality; it is about economy. The real magic lay in the cost savings. It is a fact the recent year’s inflation and cost increases, have also struck rock drilling contractors. With the Epiroc Grey line bits, Stephen achieves a drastically improved drilling tool economy. The reduced Cost Per Meter allows him to maintain a stockpile of drilling tools and invest in expanding his drill rig fleet. Suddenly, scalability becomes feasible.

Thanks to the benfits of the Epiroc Grey line, S.G Bergboring is able to take on more jobs such as the one at Vitberget wind park. These new drilling tools from Epiroc, are doing their part to accelerate the green transformation.


The Epiroc Grey line bits are paving the way, and the High Coast will continue to thrive. Stephen and the S.G Bergboring drilling crew know that they are part of something bigger—a transition toward a more sustainable world.

Quick facts: S.G Bergboring at Vitberget windpark

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