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Advanced Boom Control

Operator assistance feature to drill according to digital drill plans. ABC Regular = one hole automatic. ABC Total = sequence of holes (full round) automatic. Enables operator to control more than one boom simultaneously. Better repeatability. Time saver. Enables drilling over shift changes.


Reduced overbreak and underbreak

means better tunnel quality

Decreased cycle time

by up to 6%

Drilling longer rounds

means lower cost per drill meter

ABC Regular and ABC Total

ABC (Advanced Boom Control) Regular and Total are operator assistance features that enable drilling according to digital drill plans. ABC Regular features one hole automatic drilling. ABC Total enables drilling a sequence of holes (full round) automatically.


These automation features allow the operator to control more than one boom simultaneously. The results are better repeatability, time saved and the possibility to drill during shift changes.

Advanced Boom Control - a part of 6th Sense Control

Automated and tele-remotely controlled operations can significantly increase productivity and improve safety at the same time. It can also increase consistency of daily operations, yet providing predictable results.


6th Sense Control is a product family that combines different features, functions and product packages allowing to improve process and machine control in a safe, consistent and reliable manner.  Read more about 6th Sense.

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ABC Total - how it works

The digital drill plans are created in the Underground Manager software.


The drill plans are then saved to a USB-stick to be able to be transferred to the rig. Wireless transfer directly to the drill rig is also available as an option via RRA (Rig Remote Access).


The USB-stick is inserted in the operator panel of the drill rig and the digital drill plans are imported.


The booms are positioned to the starting position according to the drill plan.


In case the drill plans need to be edited, this can be performed directly on the touchscreen of the RCS 5 interface in the cabin instead of hacing to change them in the computer software.


The positioning of the booms and the drilling is performed automatically according to the drill plan.