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Innovation Insights

Innovation Insights

To be a leading global productivity partner, innovation is key. The ever-changing challenges of the mining and infrastructure industries require new ways of working.


Inspired by innovation

To remain at the forefront of the mining and infrastructure industry, finding new and improved ways forward is key. Our drive and innovations focus on making tomorrow better. By sharing knowledge and insights we want to give you a competitive advantage.


 We always strive to make our solutions safer, sustainable and more productive. Below are just a few examples of that.

In mines without any good communication infrastructure and without any means for tracking of assets, productivity is usually quite low and hard to increase due to a big lack of information and transparency during a shift. Here, you can say that situational awareness is, at its best, limited to a poor and noisy radio channel.

5G moves mining forward

January 8, 2020

A prerequisite for digitalization and the fourth industrial revolution is a reliable, high-performance wireless technology. By combining the Ericsson connectivity expertize and Epiroc's mining heritage, 4G and 5G technology enables a smart, safe and seamless future for mining.

For centuries, the mining, construction and quarrying industries have been generally regarded as three of the toughest industries in the world. Now that reputation is rapidly fading as technology takes automation to a whole new level.