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Epiroc launches pumpable resin system for underground rock bolting

One of the more difficult rock reinforcement tasks in underground mining and tunnelling operations is how to install long-term rock bolts in poor rock conditions. Rock bolting as a result is often the bottleneck within the drill and blast cycle, leading to difficulties to predict work task scheduling. Together with LKAB, a key Sustainable Intelligent Mining Systems (SIMS) project partner, Epiroc has developed a solution to this problem.
Blocky or friable ground often leaves drilled bolt holes blocked or partially blocked. This slows down, or in the worst case, prevents the introduction of bonding agents such as cement grout or resin cartridges into the bolt hole. The Epiroc and LKAB solution will allow a faster, more reliable and cost effective bolting alternative for long term rock reinforcement in difficult ground conditions.
Boltec E Pumpable Resin
“An important factor to achieve a workable rock reinforcement solution is to have a system where the bolt design, bonding agent and bolting rig all work together to provide a robust and reliable bolt installation”, says Peter Bray, Global Product Manager, Epiroc. “To this end, Epiroc has worked hand in hand with a leading bolt and chemical supplier to create a bolting system that addressed the issues faced with long term bolting in poor ground conditions”, continues Bray.
The result of this work is an integrated pumpable two-component resin system that can be used with a Self-Drilling Anchor (SDA) style bolt in tougher ground conditions or alternately with a two-step hollow bolt in more moderate ground conditions.

"Having the ability to choose a long-term rock bolt that suits the ground conditions means that customers are able to achieve an optimal rock reinforcement regime in terms of function and budget."

Peter Bray, Global Product Manager, Epiroc.
The integrated pumpable resin system from Epiroc is designed to be used on the mechanized bolting machines Boltec M and Boltec E models.
For further information please contact:

Peter Bray, Global Product Manager Underground Rock Reinforcement Equipment – Epiroc Underground Rock Excavation division +46 (0)733 37 80 322

Ann-Sofie Andersson, Global Communications and Brand Manager, Epiroc Underground Rock Excavation division +46 (0)721 838 434

Underground Boltec E International Underground Rock Excavation 2019 Press release