Epiroc to phase out its concrete spraying line

May 19, 2020

Epiroc has decided to move away from the concrete spraying business and will phase out its concrete spraying line within 2020.

Epiroc develops and manufactures six products within the concrete spraying line in its product companies in Örebro, Nashik and Nanjing. The MEYCO business was acquired in 2013.


“We are constantly reviewing our customer solutions offering to ensure we keep Epiroc strong and agile for the future”, says Sarah Hoffman, Vice President Marketing for the Underground division at Epiroc. “This work is a natural part of product life cycle management, required to ensure a healthy, profitable and competitive portfolio. We will phase out the concrete spraying line within 2020 while evaluating other alternatives for this portfolio.”

Meyco ME5

Epiroc will ensure a minimum impact on customers with concrete spraying equipment and will fulfil its obligations under orders on hand, warranty undertakings and the service support thereafter.


The business belongs to Epiroc's divisions Underground and Parts & Services. 

For further information please contact:

Sarah Hoffman

Vice President Marketing, Epiroc Underground division

Phone: +46 (0)70 624 2407

Email: sarah.hoffman@epiroc.com

Ann-Sofie Andersson

Global Manager Communications and Brand, Epiroc Underground division

Phone: +46(0)72 183 8434

Email: ann-sofie.andersson@epiroc.com

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