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3D-P becomes Powered by Epiroc

June 8, 2023

As a result of the ongoing integration of 3D-P into Epiroc, the strong connection will now be highlighted also in the logotype: From June 1, the 3D-P logotype has the addition Powered by Epiroc. A gradual implementation of the new logotype will take place both internally and externally during the remainder of the year.
The new identity moves the brand forward to align with Epiroc, while it keeps the colors and symbol to keep the connection with the original brand. Contrary to the addition of Powered by Epiroc, the tagline Technology Connected has been removed from the logotype. The tagline will remain an important part of the 3D-P messaging.
“I’m very pleased that the integration of 3D-P is now entering into the next phase. The expression of 3D-P being Powered by Epiroc will enable us to intensify our internal collaboration and establish joint communication with our customers. The combination of our strengths will create an even higher value for mining customers in need of high-end network solutions”, says José Manuel Sanchez, President Epiroc Surface division.
The 3D-P Powered by Epiroc team is a proud team member of the Epiroc Surface division. The joint intention is to increase focus on the specific needs from customers within our common segments, to strengthen our offering and maintain our position as a leader in this area. Numerous projects are currently underway globally, where 3D-P and Epiroc are working together to audit & improve the capabilities of our customers’ existing networks or deploying best of breed networking solutions in support of autonomy, remote control, and digitalization.  
“Since the acquisition, we continue to see additional business opportunity and growth potential through integration into the digital mine. The 4th Utility solutions from 3D-P and Epiroc are driving smart mining, allowing Epiroc to become the integrator of choice for all our customers’ critical applications.”, says Walter Chang, General Manager 3D-P.
For more information, please visit 3D-P Intelligent Connectivity – For Heavy Industry
3D-P Powered by Epiroc logo

The new 3D-P Powered by Epiroc logotype.

Epiroc acquired 3D-P in June 2021. The 3D-P offering includes complete wireless data networks, the Intelligent Endpoint product lines, including the Osprey and Hornet; as well as network services that support our customers and their journey with autonomous equipment.  Examples of services are full network design and deployment, network monitoring, site surveys to ensure wireless networks support autonomous operations, and on-going network consulting. 3D-P is active in North America, Chile, Peru and Australia and has about 50 employees. The majority of the employees are based in Calgary, Canada.

For further information please contact:

Walter Chang

General Manager 3D-P Powered by Epiroc

Phone: +1 (403) 910-2441


Dustin Penn

Vice President Marketing, Epiroc Surface division

Phone: +1 469-974-9937


Anna Dahlman Herrgård

Global Brand and Communication Manager, Epiroc Surface division

Phone: +46 733 26 73 82


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