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Diamondback DB80 Waterwell Drill Rig

Product description

If you're considering modifying your rig to adapt to various drilling regions or applications, the Diamondback DB80 is an ideal choice. This innovative drilling rig was meticulously crafted with adaptability in mind. It features a revolutionary modular design that empowers owners to configure it according to evolving market demands before and after purchase without requiring specialized kits or makeshift adjustments.


The Diamondback's modular concept redefines rig design, allowing seamless reconfiguration in response to dynamic market opportunities. We have significantly reduced weight while preserving the robustness and rigidity essential for tackling the most challenging tasks. 


The tower design maximizes the space around the drill table, providing an expansive working area for the drill string. Customizability extends to the table, offering three opening-size options to suit your drilling requirements. The bolt-on centralizer bushing and outer bushing adapter provide on-the-spot adaptability for a wide range of through-the-table options. 


The DB80 is designed to meet the changing demands of today's markets while continuing to reduce the cost of ownership. Choose the Diamondback DB80 for a versatile and efficient drill rig that adapts to your needs. 


Main application area

Water well drilling

Drilling method

Rotary air and mud drilling

Product family


Pulldown capacity

133 kN

Pullback capacity

356 kN

Rotary head torque

10 800 Nm


Product variations apply. See brochure for more information.