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Meet the new Minetruck MT42 SG Trolley

Enjoy unlimited energy regeneration with the Minetruck MT42 SG Trolley and discover a new way to electrify heavy ramp haulage. Combining the power of a battery-electric mining truck with the trolley system, you will experience new levels of productivity without overlooking the social responsibility costs. By connecting its pantograph to an overhead catenary line, dynamic charging and continuous energy flow is enabled. No diesel fumes and toxic gases, improved levels of productivity, and unlimited energy - this sums up the new Minetruck MT42 SG Trolley. 

Up to 50% faster

Compared to Minetruck MT42 S

Unlimited energy

Never stop for refuel, battery charge or battery-swap

25% less maintenance required

Compared to diesel underground trucks

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Minetruck MT42 SG Trolley improves the environment both locally at your operations and globally. Thanks to it being 100% electric, this underground mine truck means zero exposure for the operators to diesel particulates, and toxic gases such as nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, and carbon monoxide (NOx, HC, and CO). It makes a difference when it comes to reducing carbon footprint and greenhouse gases.


The commitment to sustainability extends beyond environmental aspects to encompass the safety and welfare of operators. The design of the trolley system installation meticulously considers various safety factors, including height differentials and the choice between DC and AC power. Moreover, the Minetruck MT42 SG Trolley boasts one of the safest batteries available in the market.


Minetruck MT42 SG Trolley is optimized for productivity in many ways. The drivetrain has been enhanced to reduce losses and reduce the number of components. On this mine truck, one high-power electric motor is connected to each axle. The electrical drivetrain provides high speed on grades, both up and down the ramp. Hydraulic functions are powered by a separate auxiliary motor that delivers hydraulic power on demand. The trolley system powers the truck in the energy-consuming driving up the ramp and charging the battery (dynamic charging). No need to stop for re-fueling, battery charge, or battery swap, just continuous haulage.

Cost / tonne

Minetruck MT42 SG Trolley provides you with one of the lowest costs/tonne on the market. This is primarily attributed to its low energy consumption, facilitated by continuous battery regeneration, along with minimal preventive maintenance requirements and reduced ventilation needs.


The electrical drivetrain of the new Minetruck MT42 SG Trolley boasts a streamlined design, significantly decreasing the number of components, service points, and moving parts. By eliminating traditional components like the engine, transmission, and cardan shafts, maintenance intervals are extended, parts consumption is reduced, uptime is increased, and overall operational costs are lowered. This signifies a 90% reduction in drivetrain maintenance needs. 


Furthermore, the battery-electric drive ensures a clean operating environment by eliminating exposure to diesel or other harmful gases, leading to a substantial decrease in ventilation requirements.


In essence, with the Minetruck MT42 SG Trolley, you can efficiently transport materials while keeping costs at a minimum.


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