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COPROD is a unique, patented rock drilling system from Epiroc. It combines the high penetration rate and low diesel consumption of tophammer equipment with the hole straightness and hole quality of DTH drilling.

COPROD has proven its worth in the field for more than 20 years. Aimed at the surface mining and quarrying businesses where the demands on productivity are tough, it provides the best possible overall economy in terms of cost per tonne of rock drilled. This unique dual-drillstring design allows more energy to be transferred to the drill bit without losses.
The secret lies in the unique dual-drillstring The COPROD drill string consists of two main elements – the outer drill tube and inner impact rods. The outer COPROD drill tube rotates the drill string and the cuttings are flushed through the tube to the surface. The internal jointless impact rods transmit energy from the COP rock drill to the drill bit. This facilitates superior impact power (as there are no threads involved) and minimises wear and tear on the outer drill tubes. The result is longer drillstring service life and better productivity.

COPROD drill string instruction video


COPROD head, assembly and disassembly


COPROD section, assembly and disassembly