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Product description

Boost your bench and production drilling

The Epiroc T drill strings translates into a very real boost in productivity. Thanks to the increase in capacity, you’ll be drilling more holes per shift which opens up the possibility of quicker blasting. Wherever you work with production drilling, bench drilling or on construction sites you’ll notice the difference.


Our drilling system comes in five dimensions: T35, T38, T45,T51 and Epiroc TW60. Epiroc T speedrods are ideal for bench as well as production drilling and are available as extension or drifting drill rods.


What’s more, the T range of shank adapters will work wonders with your equipment – whether you’re running an Epiroc drilling rig, or some other brand.


Epiroc’s comprehensive range of tophammer drill bits matches the T drilling rods to perfection with the added benefit of being easier to release and change.


Powerbits T45, rod and shank adapter.